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International Yoga Day 2016 - Everything You Need to Start Yoga

Last updated on: June 21, 2016 17:23 IST

One of the best things about yoga is that you don’t actually need to practice yoga. So this International Yoga Day 2016 we recommend the following things to support and enhance your practice on a daily basis.

#1. Yoga Clothes - First and foremost thing while starting is to choose yoga wear that hugs your body shape, and allows you easy movement. Stretchable cotton-blend tank tops and tees that hug the torso work well for both men and women.

Yoga Pants For Men And Women

Buy Yoga  Exercise Harem Pants starts Rs.999

Buy Yoga Leggings Starts Rs.599

Buy  Special Yoga and Exercise Pants For Men Starts Rs.999

Yoga pants with an elastic waist and that conform to the body’s shape are best. Capri-style yoga pants, leggings and shorts are also popular for both men and women.


Yoga Tees For Men And Women 

Buy Yoga Tops For Women Starts Rs.599 onwards

Buy Yoga T-shirts For men Starts Rs.399 Onwards

#2. Yoga Mats - Keep a habit of practicing yoga on a mat rather than bare floor, carpet, or earth.

Yoga Mats

Buy Yoga Mats Starts Rs.499 Onwards

Using you own yoga mat build positive energy and also provides padding, support and a barrier from the elements. Also for many people, pressing their palms, knees, elbows, and vertebrae onto the bare ground or floor can be painful. So it is always advisable to use mats.

#3. Yoga Headband - This will help you keep your hair off your face and in place, absorbing sweat from your head. Its unisex, perfect to be worn on their own or under helmets for cyclists.

 Yoga Headbands For Women

Buy Yoga Head Bands For Women Starts Rs.599 onwards

#3.  Yoga Ball  -  Keeps you body in good shape and is also a great way to keep your body more flexible and lighter.

Yoga Ball  

 Buy Yoga Ball For Complete Fitness @ Rs.598

#4. Stretch out with yoga strap, it improves flexibility in your muscles and develops core abdominal. These ropes are not just great for yoga, but can also help with physical therapy.


Buy Yoga Strap For Stretching Exercise at Home Starts Rs.499 Onwards

#5. Yoga Aqua Shoes -  These are very comfortable and at the same time they look fashionable and stylish.

Yoga Shoes For Men And Women

 Buy Aqua Shoes Just For Doing Yoga Exercise At Home starts Rs.599 Onwards



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