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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » Indian Kids are at a Risk of Spinal Problems Due to Excessive Use of Mobile/Tablet

Indian Kids are at a Risk of Spinal Problems Due to Excessive Use of Mobile/Tablet

March 08, 2016 16:13 IST

According to a study conducted by a Mumbai hospital, 50% children in India are prone to spine related issues due to excessive usage of gadgets like smartphones and tablets which may even lead to permanent damage to their cervical spines.

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Today, children as young as 6 months old entertain themselves on their parents’ mobile phones or tablets when they are busy. This makes them dependent on the gadgets which affect their creativity and imagination. Parents give in to their kids’ demands instead of using disciplinary measures to tackle them.

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India ranks second globally in terms of mobile phone users. People working on computers or laptops for most of the day are likely to feel the pain and numbness in their neck and shoulders. It can also result in irregularities on the emotional and behavioral front.  

Excessive usage of gadgets leading to ADHD

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According to researchers, the cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have gone up at an alarming rate. The primary cause for this issue is that the kids use smartphone/tablet before bedtime which affects the sleep pattern and thereby shortening the sleeping time

Not all devices are harmful

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If your kid is completely glued to the gadgets, you can tactfully divert their mind by introducing them to kid friendly tablets which help them learn new spellings, words, pronunciations and play games that stimulate their overall development. These devices make your kid learn a lot of things in a fun way along with giving them a satisfaction of operating an electronic device.

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These devices are not just educational, your child can learn new words, improve his/her spellings and pronunciations, play piano, alphabet songs, brush up on his/her vocabulary, play animal voices and listen to new English tracks with this range of kids tablets.

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