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Holi Hai! 6 Beauty Hacks To Protect Your Skin & Hair

Last updated on: March 18, 2016 11:07 IST

Playing holi is fun but it can damage your skin. Here are 5 really easy beauty hacks to protect your hair and skin from the harsh effects of holi colors online

#1 Don’t forget your sunscreen

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The constant exposure to sun during Holi can make the skin dry by consuming the moisture and causing tan which results in dull and dry skin. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to playing holi. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 20 and above. If you are suffering from pigmentation, go for a sunscreen with higher SPF. If your skin is usually dry, apply a moisturiser after applying sunscreen. Wear clothes with full sleeves so that your skin is less exposed to the heat and colours.

#2 Massage your hands, feet and hair with oil


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It is advisable to massage your hands, feet and hair with oil before playing holi as it acts as a protective layer and also prevents colours from seeping in. If you are not willing to apply oil before playing holi, you can apply sesame oil to remove colours from your body. It protects your skin and combats the effects caused by sun damage.

#3 Moisturise your lips with a lip balm

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The colours of holi contain harmful chemicals that tend to make your lips dry. Apply a lip balm right before playing holi to prevent dry and chapped lips.

#4 Protect and decorate your nails with varnish & trendy nail paints

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While playing holi, it is usually the nails that go through a lot as the colour powder gets accumulated within them. Apply a nail varnish on the nails to protect the nails from absorbing the holi colours. Celebrate the festival of colours by applying really cool nail paints.

#5 Why compromise on your beauty regime! Waterproof makeup is the key

Waterproof makeup

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Gearing up for a holi get-together? Apply waterproof makeup on the day of playing holi. Use light waterproof mascara as it mixes into the skin and doesn’t become blotchy while playing holi.

Like the smokey eyes look? Use waterproof eyeliner and give it a nice smudged look. Now, there is no need to worry about smudging eyeliner or mascara!

#6 Moisturizers to regain the lost moisture post holi


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Most of us play Holi in the craziest way and spend the rest of the day cleaning ourselves by taking a shower to wash off the entire colour. The colour eventually goes off and also takes the moisture from your skin. You can apply a good moisturiser to regain the lost moisture.

Besides skin care products, you can buy pichkaris online, holi colors, water guns and more.



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