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Break Your Child's TV Habit with These 7 Amazing Toys

Last updated on: September 20, 2016 14:31 IST

When a child should be inquisitive in the initial years of their life, he is busy watching the idiot box and is refusing to move away. This habit starts with an interesting cartoon show and before you realize, your kid spends most of their idle time watching TV. Excessive TV viewing makes your kid obese, aggressive and introvert. Do you yearn to see your child play with toys or kids from the neighborhood? Playing with toys not just entertains your kid but makes him a smarter and a sharper individual.

Here are 7 interesting toys to break your child's TV habit -

#1 Toy Cars - All time favourite

Toy cars

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Toy cars are a little boy's first love. Toy cars are made of metal and die cast. Die cast cars are mini versions of popular car models that are quite popular among both kids and adults. If you are truly passionate about collecting cars, take a look at these toy cars. The Hot Wheels Car Set is an ideal first gift for your little one. If your child is fond of playing with toy cars, the one with a remote control is your best bet. The die cast models of renowned luxury cars are apt and can be added to your collection of small cars.

#2 Doctor Set / Barbie Set - Games that make your kid feel grown up

Doctor Set & Kitchen Set

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Give your little one the feeling of a grown up by gifting them a doctor set. Kids usually love the idea of performing a checkup on their siblings or other family members visiting home. This doctor set contains a sthethoscope, eye chart, band aid, scalpel, hammer, tooth extractor, scissors, forcep, laryngal mirro, medicine bottles, kidney shape tray and a lot more. The benefit of playing with a doctor set is that your kid learns about the usage of medical equipment in the process. 

If you have a little girl in your house, you can buy her a barbie doll set. Girls at a tender age love to have a Barbie doll set. They live their own fantasies by dressing up the Barbie in trendy clothes and accessories. Both these sets have one thing in common - they are sure to keep your little one engrossed for hours.

#3 Block Sets - Fun combined with learning

Besides playing a lot of no-brainer games and toys, your little one needs to master the art of being street smart from a very young age as it is the need of the hour. These block sets enable your little one to learn how to think quickly and smartly. These building blocks encourage your kid to learn the basics of science, reasoning, math, language and a lot more. These building blocks may look simple but go a long way in developing your child's intellect.

#4 Toys that develop your love for a new hobby

Hobby Toys

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Give wings to your little artist with these toys. If your little one loves music, this kids piano is a wise decision. The Simba mini keyboard is a cute little music console that will help kids to create their very own tunes. With 23 keys in total, the keyboard ensures that your kid has full freedom in composing melodious tunes. If your little one is interested in pottery making, this pottery wheel kit is a great start. This set has all the materials required to make pots, colour them and have a fun time. Encourage your little one to draw with this painting projector. This device projects images onto a piece of paper for kids to draw, it is a fun and easy way to draw!

#5 Drum Sets - Introduce your kid to the world of music

Drum Sets

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Get your little one to learn how to play some music with this range of drum sets. A drum set is a fun way to inspire your child. Invest in a drum set for your kid and who knows this could be their full time hobby later! This drum set is specifically designed for kids and has everything your child needs to get started as a drummer. Set the stage for your little rock star with these kids drum sets.

#6 Intelligent games for your little one

There are simple games that entertain you and then there are these games like billiards, chess and roulette. These games improve your brain, hand eye coordination and make your kid sharper as an individual.

#7 Toys that improve social skills

Toy Furniture

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In the age of smartphones and tablets, kids are busy with their own gadgets and hardly get engaged in conversations which affects their social skills. With developed social skills, your child stands a better chance to connect and communicate confidently.



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