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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 9 Insanely Clever Hacks To Tremendously Improve Your Car

9 Insanely Clever Hacks To Tremendously Improve Your Car

Last updated on: April 22, 2016 14:52 IST

#1 Wash your vehicle squeaky clean with - Hose Pipe

Water Spray Gun Demo


Hose Pipe

Buy Set of 2 10M Spray Gun Hose Pipe @ Rs 449

Why waste your money on car washing services? The high pressure nozzle cleans even the stubborn stains on your car or bike. Can be attached to any hose. Needs no electricity! 

#2 Stop letting keys, coins, phone etc fall between the gap of your front car seats with - Catch Caddy

Catch Caddy

Buy Catch Caddy Car Seat Pocket Catcher (Set of 2) @ Rs 299

With a universal design, Catch Caddy easily fits in between any car seat and its gear console. Installs in seconds without any adhesive!

#3 Enjoy a clear view of the road despite cars on the opposite lane are driving on a high beam - Use HD Night Vision Visor

HD Vision Visor

Buy HD Day Night Vision Visor @ Rs 499

Are the direct sun rays or high beam headlights blocking your vision on the road? The Night Vision Visor cuts the blinding glare and improves the vision dramatically.

#4 Locked in your car and can’t get out? This Swiss Tech Bodyguard Emergency Rescue Tool can safely get you out

Window BreakerSeat belt cutter


Automobile Emergency Rescue Tool

Buy Swiss Tech Bodygard Automobile Emergency Rescue Tool @ Rs 399

Save your precious life with this Swiss Tech Bodyguard tool helps you cut the seat belt and break the glass of your car. Hope you never get a chance to use it but keep it handy in case of an emergency.

#5 Using your mobile phone while driving is a dangerous distraction. Avoid it with this steering wheel mobile phone holder

Car Steering Wheel Mobile Holder

Buy Car Steering Wheel Mobile Holder @ Rs 145

Whether you answer calls or use maps while driving, keep your hands free with this Steering Wheel mobile phone holder.

#6 Tissue box is not meant to be kept on the speaker tray! This one can be attached to your visor or the driver’s seat

Car Visor Tissue Holder

Buy Car  Sun Visor Tissue Box Holder @ Rs 399

The practical design of this tissue box makes it easier for people to use tissues as and when required.

#7 Place your soft drink bottles, umbrellas and other items in one place - Car Backseat Organizer

Car back seat organizer

Buy Car Backseat Organizer @ Rs 285

These things usually occupy a lot of space on your backseat making it difficult for people to sit on the rear seats.

#8 Blind Spot Mirrors - See what your normal rear view mirror fails to show you

Blind spot mirrors


Blind Spot Car Mirror

Buy Blind Spot Mirrors (Set of 2) @ Rs 299

A blind spot mirror expands the range of your rear vision making it easier for you to see the objects which your rear view cannot show.

#9 Rear View Mirror Shade - Now your rear view mirror will be clear and dry even during heavy rains

Rear view mirror rainproof shade

Buy Car Rear View Mirror Rain proof Blades (Set of 2) @ Rs 399

These rear view mirror rain shades block the rain drops from falling on your rear view mirror and give you a clear view.




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