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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 9 Coolest Pool Toys That Will Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

9 Coolest Pool Toys That Will Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

April 06, 2016 17:41 IST

The summer season can also be called as the swimming season as the kids are on their well deserved vacations. Why don’t you surprise your kid with a cool inflatable toy to float around in the swimming pool and turn their summer awesome!

Here are the 9 coolest pool toys that will keep your kids busy this summer –

#1 Carry your own swimming pool

Intex Inflatable Pool

Buy Intex Inflatable Pool @ Rs 249

Kids usually look forward to a swimming pool when they are on a holiday. If you happen to visit a resort or a villa without a swimming pool during summers, you can carry this inflatable swimming pool of your own. The swimming pool has a diameter of 3 feet and can easily accommodate up to 3 little kids.

#2 Don’t forget to carry these kid friendly pool essentials

Intex Goggles and Arm Band

Buy Swimming Goggles with Free Fish Arm Band @ Rs 299

If your little one is unable to keep their eyes open in the pool, this pair of swimming goggles will allow him/her to see what’s happening down there! This set also includes a fish arm band which acts as a float and is apt for kids especially who are learning to swim.

#3 Let your kid on a marine animal shaped toy

Intex Walrus Toy

Buy Intex Walrus Ride On Toy @ Rs 499

Have you ever seen a Walrus for real? It is a large Arctic marine mammal with flippers or long teeth and a broad head. Let your kid have fun while riding on this friendly Walrus shaped inflatable pool toy and rule the pool!

#4 Why use those regular floats? Here is a cool animal shaped float for your kid

Animal shaped float

Buy Intex Swimming Ring @ Rs 295

Let your kid have the time of their life at the swimming pool with this Intex Ring. This animal shaped ring is a distraction and develops confidence in your kid and reduces the fear of water. The float comes with bright colours and skin friendly Vinyl material which is completely harmless for your kid.

#5 Here is a float for the first timers

Intex Disney Float

Buy Intex Disney Float @ Rs 795

If your kid is extremely scared about the idea of entering the pool, this large float is your best bet. All you need to do is simply make them sit in this float and move them around in the pool. This float is completely sealed and does not let your kid come in contact with the pool water which makes them feel safe.

#6 Finally, there’s something for the grown-ups too!

Intex Raft Set

Buy Intex Explorer Raft Set @ Rs 1470

This raft set lets you cruise around the swimming pool with your loved ones or group of friends. This raft set includes an inflatable boat for 2 people, a grab rope, oar locks and soft inflatable flooring for an easy cruising experience.

#7 Turn the swimming pool into a football pitch

Intex Football Toy

Buy Intex Inflatable Football Game Set @ Rs 1499

Make your swim time interesting by playing a game of football in the pool. This inflatable football goal post creates the perfect setting to play the game. The set also includes an inflatable football to get the game going.

#8 How about a volleyball match in the swimming pool?

Intex Volleyball Toy

Buy Intex Volleyball Set @ Rs 1499

Isn’t it interesting to play volleyball in the pool? This inflatable toy in the form of volleyball net lets you enjoy a match in the swimming pool with your buddies. Go, play!

#9 Your own whale themed swimming pool

Whale Pool

Buy Intex Spray N Splash Whale Pool @ Rs 1649

Are you running out of ideas for a kids’ party? Inflate this pool and have a pool party where the kids can relax and have fun splashing around in the garden. Let your little one learn the basics of swimming in this pool. The sprayer is ideally located on the head of the whale, teaching children about the blow hole of the whale.



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