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8 Grooming Hacks for People Who are Lazy

August 31, 2017 15:27 IST

If you are lazy and always looking for shortcuts, you will relate to this one. Don't you think regular grooming is tedious? Whether you want an easier way to remove wax from your ears or a pen that could polish your teeth, these tools will make your life simpler.

Here are 8 grooming tips for people who are lazy-

#1 Hair Straightener Brush

Hair Straightener Brush

Buy Hot Hair Straightener Brush @ Rs 575

It is an innovative brush which helps you straighten your hair in minutes. With advanced hair care technologies, this brush ensures quick and safe results. It is a revolutionary hair straightening product. All you have to do is just simply comb your hair with this brush and your hair will be straight and smooth quickly. Unlike flat iron, the hair straightening brush lets you straighten larger sections of hair in one go.

How to use:
Step 1 - Ensure your hair is dry and combed properly
Step 2 - Make sure your hair gets into the inner area of the brush
Step 3 - Hold the hair ends firmly and brush in a slow pulling motion

Caution: The heating plate gets too hot. Use heat resistant gloves to prevent any kind of injury.

#2 Luma Teeth Whitening Pen

Luma Tooth Polish

Buy Luma Teeth Whitening Pen @ Rs 299

This teeth whitening pen removes those difficult stains which brushing cannot. The secret is its rotating rubber cups that gently remove stains and polishes your teeth. Attach the rubber cup to the tip of the teeth whitening pen, press to activate the polisher and glide it across the teeth to polish away stubborn surface stains. Use it once a week to maintain your flashy thirty-two!

#3 Earwax Remover with LED light

Earwax Remover

Buy 1 Get 1 - Earwax Remover with LED Light @ Rs 149

It is very useful for ear cleaning as the built-in LED light helps to remove ear wax safely and easily. The integrated flashlight helps you see the ear-hole clearly.

#4 Davidoff Deodorants

Davidoff Deodorants

Buy Davidoff Deodorants- Pack of 3 @ Rs 499

Bid farewell to body odour forever with this set of deodorants by Davidoff. The signature fragrance of Davidoff Cool Water is sure to make heads turn.

#5 Nova Trimmer

Nova Trimmer

Buy Nova Trimmer @ Rs 299

For men, sporting a neatly trimmed beard is the current fad. Maintain your smart look with this Nova trimmer. This trimmer lets you shape or shave your facial hair easily.

#6 Kawachi 4 in 1 Face Cleanser

Kawachi Face Cleanser

Buy Kawachi 4 in 1 Face Cleanser @ Rs 499

Tired of blackheads? This amazing product is at your rescue. It helps maintain clean, healthy, radiant looking skin without those embarrassing blackheads. Its deep penetrating suction technology cleanses skin deep to effectively help prevent break out of acne and blackheads. No more squeezing, pulling or injuring your skin. It removes black heads without hurting your skin and makes it cleaner in weeks.

#7 Makeup Mirror with LED Light

Makeup Mirror

Buy Makeup Mirror with LED Light @ Rs 449

Find it difficult to see the minute details when doing makeup or grooming? This Swivel Brite makeup mirror offers 8x magnification and a surrounding lED light for a clearer vision while applying makeup whether you are at home or on the go. This mirror can also be used for little jobs like tweezing eyebrows or wearing contact lens. You can also take a closer look at your pores and take preventive action against blackheads. The LED light highlights every detail of your hair and face. With 360 degrees adjustable angle, this portable mirror can be easily attached to any smooth surface.

#8 Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit

Buy Makeup Kit @ Rs 175

This is an ultra compact manicure kit designed for the fast paced life. It contains a nail cutter, file, scissors, tweezers, a nail picker and a cuticle pusher.



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