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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Cool Gifts for Kids Who Don't Play with Toys

8 Cool Gifts for Kids Who Don't Play with Toys

January 11, 2016 17:54 IST

#1 Enjoy a cup of coffee, the Minions way with this Minions self stirring mug

Minions Self Stirring Mug

Buy Minions Automatic Self Stirring Mug @ Rs 649

Take the strain out of stirring with the Despicable me Minions Self-Stirring Mug. No need to grab a teaspoon and stir, simply press the button and your coffee is ready. It’s the ultimate idle drinking accessory! The Despicable me Minions Self-Stirring mug is also insulated and comes with a non-spill lid to keep your drink warm for ages, what more can you ask from a mug? It’s perfect for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even most soups.

#2 These gadgets let your kid learn the English language better

Kids laptop & tablet

Buy Kids Tablet & Laptop Under Rs 600

With this new age kids’ gadgets, your kid can learn new spellings, words, pronunciations and play games that promote their overall development. These devices make your little one learn a lot of things in a fun way along with giving them a satisfaction of operating a gadget.

#3 Carry your favourite beverage in this cool Minions Flask

Minions flask

Buy Minions Insulated Flask @ Rs 699

How about having Minions as your travel buddy on your next trip! This Minions flask can be used while you are travelling. You can store water or any other beverage in this flask and it will remain in the desired condition throughout the journey. This Minion flask not just looks cute but is also durable inside. It is unbreakable and fully washable. The vacuum flask can hold your drink hot/cool up to 5 hours.

#4 Raise your kid's excitment levels with these flying models

Flying toys

Buy Flying Models Under Rs 800

The best part about flying models is that they raise the excitement levels of your kid making them tremendously happy. Along with the fun part, your kid also learns to control a flying toy without colliding it which teaches them the valuable lesson of handling things carefully. It completely distracts the mind and makes you stress free.

#5 This trendy Minions Key chain is a must have for every Minions fan

Minions key chain

Buy Minions Key chain with Light & Sound @ Rs 220

The highlight of these key chains is that they are three-dimensional. The size of the key chain matches the size of a minion in real life. This keychain is an ideal gift for a hardcore minion lover. You can use the keychain or simply reserve it for your spare keys.

#6 Let Minions entertain your kid - Minions Despicable Me Dancing Robot

Minions robot

Buy Minions Dancing Robot @ Rs 499

Enjoy Minions live in action as it performs (sings and dances) in front of you. The performance of this robot is extremely pleasing to the eyes and can surely make your kid smile. The hands of this robot are lit when it is in motion which makes it an interesting sight for the kids. You can gift this kid to a toy or you can also place it at a kids birthday party or any other celebration as it is capable to grab the attention of every kid.

#7 Invest your time in these solar powered models

Solar powered models

Buy Solar Powered Models Under Rs 450

Solar toys make your kid really smart as they learn to create figures out of the available pieces. The thinking ability of your kid is sharpened every time they try to create a new model. Your kid also learns two important things like patience and positive thinking.

#8 See Minions fly with Minions sensor operated helicopter

Minions helicopter

Buy Minions Flying Helicopter @ Rs 599

Your kids will be truly excited to see the minion launch from your hands. With built-in sensors, the minion can fly himself and can detect surfaces to stay in flight. It is the perfect gift for kids around the age of 3 and above. This Minion aircraft can also be controlled with gentle hand movements under the toy. Minion aircraft has a built in lithium battery which can be charged via USB port.



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