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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Car Accessories That Make Your Toyota Innova Long Drive Ready

8 Car Accessories That Make Your Toyota Innova Long Drive Ready

Last updated on: October 27, 2015 18:14 IST

Toyota Innova

Toyota’s superior engineering and spacious interiors make Toyota Innova perfect for long drives. Adding a few accessories to this car would enhance the overall experience of a long drive.

Here are the 8 car accessories that make your Toyota Innova long drive ready –

#1 Fog Lights

Fog Lights

Click here for a wide range of Fog Lights Under Rs 1600

#2 Hydraulic Boot Struts

Boot Struts

Click here to buy Boot Struts for Toyota Innova

 If your variant does not include fog lights, you can go for these superior fog lights as they improve the visibility especially on fog filed roads.

#2 Reverse Parking Sensor

Reverse Parking Sensor

Buy Toyota Innova Parking Sensor @ Rs 1138

 Driving the Toyota Innova is surely a pleasure but parking is equally a challenge. Install a reverse parking sensor to park your car safely. You can hear a warning alarm when any object is too close. The parking sensor comes with an LED display which is fixed on the dashboard. It warns you of the distance left between the object and your vehicle.

#3 Dashboard Cover

Dashboard Cover

Buy Toyota Innova Dashboard Cover @ Rs 780 

Click here for a wide range of Dasboard Covers Under Rs 1200

The direct sun light fades the shine and makes your dashboard look old. Protect your stylish dashboard with a dashboard cover. It protects your dashboard from dust, scratches and cracking caused by sun rays. It also improves the cooling of your car air conditioner. Don’t worry about the fit of this cover as it is specially designed for Toyota Innova.

#4 Front Fender Mirror

Front Fender Mirror

Buy Toyota Innova Front Fender SUV Mirror

 There are times when you have to overtake your car on highways amidst heavy vehicles. This front fender SUV mirror helps you maintain a safe distance between vehicles while driving and parking. It also compliments the muscular look of your Toyota Innova. With superior quality and finishing, this front fender mirror is easy to fit.

#5 Rear Spoiler


Buy Toyota Innova Rear Spoiler @ Rs 1899

When you drive at high speeds, your car lifts a little which due to the extreme flow of air beneath the car. This lift is dangerous especially when you want to take a turn all of a sudden. Install a spoiler as it stabilises the air flow in and around the car which increases the grip of your car on the road. Besides the functionality, a spoiler also makes your car look sporty.

Few must haves for your Toyota Innova

 #6 Car Mats

Car Mats

Buy Toyota Innova Car Mats (Set of 4) @ Rs 649

Click here for a wide range of Car Mats for Toyota Innova

With these easy to clean car mats, stop worrying about food/drink or any other object dropping on the flooring of your car. 

#7 Sun Shades

Sun Shades

Buy Toyota Innova Sun Shades

There is a heavy penalty on tinted glasses! Go for sun shades!

#8 Body Cover

Body Cover

Buy Toyota Innova Body Cover @ Rs 729

Click here for a wide range of Body Covers

Safeguard your car with a premium body cover.



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