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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Amazingly Cool Toys to Pack for the Summer Holidays

8 Amazingly Cool Toys to Pack for the Summer Holidays

April 22, 2016 17:36 IST

Keeping your little one entertained at all times during a summer holiday or a getaway could be really challenging. However, it is not necessary to spend a bomb to entertain your kid.

Here are the 8 amazingly cool toys to pack for the summer holidays –

#1 Avoid handing over your smartphone to your kid - Let him have his own device

P1000 Tablet

Buy P1000 Educational Tablet @ Rs 269

This tablet is not one of those toys which make your kid addictive and unproductive. This tablet looks very similar to a real computer tablet and allows your kid to learn numbers, words, spellings and a lot more.

#2 Let your kid experience the role of a spy

Spy Kit Series

Buy Spy Kit - Series 1 @ Rs 349

Kids are usually fascinated by the stories of detectives and cops. They tend to play games where they can imitate a movie scene by playing a cop or a detective. This spy kit series enhances the investigation skills of your kid and makes them smarter. This contains 5 gadgets like a magnetic compass to find the right direction, a micro spy listener that lets your kid tap conversations at a distance of up to 12 ft, the magnifying glass lets your kid find those hidden clues, a binocular to keep an eye on the suspect from a distance and a flash light to operate in the dark. Now your kid is ready for a new mission.

#3 Your kid's new drawing teacher

Projector Painting

 Buy Picture Projector Painting with Light and Free 12 Sketch Pens @ Rs 499

The Projector Painting Machine is a learning device that teaches your kid to draw and colour in a fun way. The device projects images on to a piece of paper which allows your kid to trace the drawing and colour it. Simply switch off the lights, switch on the device, insert a pre-printed slide and ask your kid to start tracing.

 #4 A microscope for your little genius

Kiddy Educational Microscope Game

Buy Kiddy Microscope @ Rs 445

Introduce your little one to the world of microbiology. Let your kid examine water, tiny particles, crawling creatures, leaves and other minute objects with this microscope. This may look like a toy microscope but it actually works like a real one. You can view each and every object by magnifying it at 100x, 200x and 450x respectively. The silver knob can be adjusted to get the perfect focus of an object. This microscope comes with an inbuilt light to view objects clearly. 

 #5 This jumping monkey will make your kid stop crying

Jumping Monkey

Buy Jumping Monkey with Light & Sound @ Rs 249

There are times when your kid simply cries or becomes cranky for no reason. Place this jumping monkey and your kid is sure to stop crying as this monkey rotates and tumbles 360 degrees with flashing lights & sounds which makes it a thrilling sight for kids. 

#6 Your kid's own joy ride

Electric Ride On Bike

Buy Kids Ride on Bike @ Rs 2599

Kids find it a thrilling experience to ride a bike or drive a car. This ride on bike will keep your kid active and busy during the summer holidays. 

#7 Let your kid be a magician

Magic Tricks

Buy Ekta 65 Magic Tricks Kit @ Rs 340

Let your kid perform his/her own magic show. This magic kit lets your little one perform 65 magic tricks. 

#8 Whoa - This toy car can climb walls!

Wall Climbing RC Car

Buy Wall Climbing Car with Remote Control @ Rs 949

This toy car is remote operated and can climb walls unlike other toy cars. Fun, isn't it?



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