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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Like New

7 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Like New

Last updated on: May 09, 2016 14:38 IST

#1 The car scratch remover lives up to its name. It completely removes the scratches on your car and makes it look clean.

Car scratch remover

Buy 1 Get 2 Free Car Scratch Remover Pen @ Rs 190

#2 With the Coido Car Polisher, your car will look brand new all over again. Simply connect it with the car lighter socket and start polishing. Simple!

Coido Car Polisher

Buy Coido Car Polisher @ Rs 799

#3 Give an all new sporty look to your car tyres with these flashing wheel lights. The lights come with an automated motion sensor. The lights turn off when the car stops moving.

Flashing lights

Buy Flash Wheel Lights (Pack of 2) @ Rs 99

#4 Remember the smell of your car when you had bought it? These perfumes make your car smell fresh and new.

Car Perfume

Buy Car Perfume Combos Under Rs 350

#5 Protect the paint job of your car with this superior car body cover.

Car Body Cover

Buy Car Body Cover Under Rs 800 

#6 Wash your car thoroughly every week with this hose pipe. Its adjustable spray nozzle washes all the dirt and stains on your car.

Hose Pipe

Buy Water Spray Gun Hose Pipe (Set of 2) @ Rs 449

#7 Towel seat covers come with multiple benefits. They make the car look new and keep the interiors cooler especially during summers.

Towel seat covers

Buy Towel Seat Covers Starting @ Rs 1064

Attention bike riders! You can also use a few of the above products to make your ride look like a new one. However, do not forget to wear the safety gear like the helmet, gloves and so on.

Bike safety

Buy Studds Open Face Bike Helmet @ Rs 752

Buy Bike Gloves + Balaclava @ Rs 399



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