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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Toys You Will Relate to If You Were a 90's Kid

7 Toys You Will Relate to If You Were a 90's Kid

July 01, 2016 11:48 IST

#1 Toy cars – Those were the days

RC Cars

Buy Toy Cars with/without Remote Under Rs 600

Remember the joy you felt when a family member or relative gifted you a toy car especially the one with a remote control. All you wanted was to tear open the box and start playing with the toy car.

#2 And then came the remote controlled flying toys

Minions Flying Helicopter

Buy Minions Helicopter with Remote Control @ Rs 595

The feeling that you could control the movements of a plane or a helicopter was just unmatched. Owning a remote controlled helicopter toy would have surely made you a favourite in your friend circle.

#3 Keyboard with karaoke & MIC is the rage

Keyboard with Karaoke and Mic

Buy Keyboard with Karaoke and Mic @ Rs 449

Whether you know how to play one or not, most kids in their 90s had a keyboard. Some knew how to play it while others just enjoyed the feeling of playing random tunes. This keyboard comes with an integrated karaoke system and a mic which allows you to play the tune and sing along as well.

#4 The famous HIT ME toy

Intex Hit Me Toy

Buy Intex Inflatable 3D Hit Me Dog @ Rs 299

This one has been a favourite among the little kids. Need we say more!

#5 A gun with darts

Mitashi Gun

Buy Mitashi Bang Woodpecker Gun with Darts @ Rs 498

Every boy must have had a gun with darts in his childhood. It is like that quintessential toy during those days.

#6 Bean bag with drum set

Bean bag with drum set

Buy Football Shape Bean Bag with Jazz Drum Set @ Rs 599

This combo of a bean bag and a drum set is an ideal pick for every child. When the kid is done playing drums, a beanbag can provide some relaxation.

#7 A little educational gadget

Educational gadget

Buy New J Pad Educational Tablet @ Rs 269

This gadget which looks like a tablet enables your kid to learn new spellings, pronunciations and do a lot more.



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