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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Things You Need to Get Monsoon Ready

7 Things You Need to Get Monsoon Ready

Last updated on: June 08, 2017 18:02 IST

#1 Rain Jacket


Buy Men's Raincoats Under Rs 350

Buy Women's Raincoats Starting @ Rs 349

With a hood and stylish pattern, this rain jacket will be your companion during monsoon. This 100% polyester jacket is super light and waterproof. This rain jacket comes with a carry bag. You can safely store it in the carry bag when it's not in use. We have a vast collection of rain jackets for both men and women. Ladies, if you are tired of looking at those plain rain jackets, we have more variety for you-

Umbrella flair women's raincoats

Stylish womens raincoats

Buy Umbrella Flair Women's Raincoats Under Rs 900

Printed and transparent raincoats

Transparent raincoats

 Buy Printed & Transparent Raincoats Starting @ Rs 299 

Rain jackets for women riders

Scooty coats

Buy Scooty Raincoats Under Rs 900 


Long raincoats

Long raincoats

 Buy Long Raincoats Under Rs 500


#2 Umbrella Set


Buy Umbrella Combos Under Rs 400

Be it summer or monsoon, it is always advisable to carry an umbrella handy. Choose from our range of stylish and cost efficient umbrellas.

#3 Waterproof Mobile Cover

Mobile Cover

 Buy Waterproof Mobile Cover @ Rs 199

Whether you like it or not, it is best to safeguard your phone with this waterproof mobile cover. After all, you have spent a fortune on buying your smartphone. This waterproof mobile cover is an investment.

#4 Bag Cover

Bag Cover

Buy Cover for Bag (Set of 2) @ Rs 289

Worried about taking your laptop bag outside during heavy rains? No worries! This rain cover for the bag is waterproof and will cover your bag so that not even a single drop of water seeps in! This bag cover is made of superior quality material. Now, your laptop and other important essentials are totally safe.

#5 Monsoon Shoes

Monsoon Shoes

 Buy Monsoon Shoes Under Rs 500

Step out in the rainy season without any worries with this smart pair of floater sandals. It is made of a material which is rain friendly. Set a trend that captures the essence of this season with this pair of floater sandals.
Brave the rains with this pair of monsoon-friendly footwear for women. Pair it with your work attire and even casual attire as you get ready to go out with your friends.

#6 Shoe Cover


Shoe Cover

Buy Shoe Cover Set @ Rs 299

Instead of placing your footwear in the open during monsoon, keep it in these shoe covers to protect your floors and carpet from dust and dirt.

#7 Vivo Power Bank

Vivo Power Bank

Buy Vivo Power Bank @ Rs 799

Monsoon means long hours of traffic jam. Keep your smartphone charged all the time with Vivo Power Bank.



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