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9 Simple Ways To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

Last updated on: June 21, 2016 14:25 IST

Ever thought of turning your home into a smart homeSmoke alarms are devices that are able to detect smoke or fire, giving an audible alarm as a result. A fire alarm detects the presence of fire by monitoring the changes in environment associated with combustion. One might be confused to buy the right device for him-- which one to pick which not to? Which brand has the best offering in the segment with support and warranty and other services?  

They are inexpensive and easy to install so take a look at some of the best Security alarms, smoke detectors and motions sensors here.

#1. Kawachi Entry Wireless Door Window Safety Contact Magnetic Burglar Security Alarm:

Kawachi Door Bell

Buy Magnetic Burglar Security Alarm @ Rs.199

It recognizes vibration and sends an alarm to scare the intruder. Ideal for shop, office, home or any entrance inside a house that requires protection.

#2. Build track Wireless Fire And Smoke Detector with Sensor Alarm Battery Operated For Homes, offices, hotels, hospitals:

Fire And Smoke Detector SensorFire And Smoke Detector Sensor

Buy Build track Wireless Fire And Smoke Detector with Sensor Alarm @ Rs.699

This alarm/ detector has been made to suit Indian coking condition (practice of deep fry cooking) that can initiate alarm after deposition of certain amount of smoke in the chamber. It works even when the battery is low and very easy to install and maintain (DIY). The smoke Sensor/ detector is a photoelectric sensor which is initiated at the break of smoke caused due to fire or overheating.

#3. Buildtrack Gas Leak Detector For LPG Gas Leakage- Gas Leak Detector / Gas Guard/ Gas Sensor For Kitchens And Hotels:

LPG Gas DetectorGas Leak Detector for Home, Offices and Industries

Buildtrack Gas Leak Detector For LPG Gas Leakage @ Rs.840

This sensor initiates an alarm at the break of a Gas Leak. It beeps powerfully to alert the residents of the Gas Leakage. The Gas Sensor has to be placed near the Gas Cylinder or the Ceiling. This highly sensitive product is easy to install (DIY) comes with one year warranty. It comes with auto resent, low power consumption benefits.

#4. Buildtrack Pir Motion Detector/ Motion Sensor For Energy Savings (residential And Commercial):

Wireless Fire and Smoke DetectorsMotion Sensor For Energy

Buy Motion Sensor For Energy Savings For Residential and Commercial Purpose @ Rs.750

The term ‘Motion detectors’ can be used to refer sensing any motion, but more commonly it is used to detect motion of human beings or in other words, presence of a body in a certain area. This product from Buildtrack is a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor that turns the light ON/OFF based on the motion it instantly senses. It sets us free from the manual operation of the switch working automatically to conserve energy.

#5. This 3 in 1 Energy Saving and Safety Sensor set includes a Motion Sensor, Smoke Sensor and Gas Sensor:

3 in 1 Smoke Alarm

Buy 3 in 1 Buildtrack Fire, Safety & Energy Saving Sensor Security Kit @ Rs.2500

Motion Sensor allows lights to turn ON/OFF based on the movement, Smoke sensors alert whenever there is any fire or smoke in the house and Gas sensors will help you alert the moment there is any gas leakage. This highly sensitive, easy to install sensor initiates alarm even in low battery condition.

#6. Smiledrive Cleverdog World's First Plug & Play 2 Way Talking Wi-Fi IP Camera:

Plug and Play Smallest Camera 

Buy Smiledrive Cleverdog World's First Plug & Play 2 Way Talking Wi-Fi IP Camera @ Rs.3299

This camera allows 2- way speaking. The app "Cleverdog" can be installed on iPhone and Android mobiles within 10 minutes. You can access the videos in low light/night conditions. Say goodbye to expensive DVRs, long wires and calling an electrician/ CCTV-man home for "installing a CCTV camera"! Just insert a 32GB Micro SD card in the in-built slot and get ready to check the history and store it as well in your Windows laptop/PC! Anyone with basic understanding of mobile phones can start using this camera within minutes. Please note that without the 32 GB Micro SD card, real-time monitoring is possible but saving of history/feed is not possible.

#7. Camera with Complete DVR System Solution with Real Time Video Recording, Motion Detection, Night vision, Photosensitive Induction and Cycle Recording:

CCTV Camera For Houses

Buy Zvision Dome 24IR Night Vision CCTV Camera DVR With Micro Memory Card Slot @ Rs.1300

The dome camera can capture real time recording. It is easy to operate and install. Built-in infrared LEDs, 24 IR LEDs are built-in, clearly see objects in dark environment or at night time.

#8.Video Door Phones Allow One to Communicate Safely With Visitors Without Any Need for Physical Interaction With Them:

Video Door Phone

 Buy Smiledrive Video Door Bell @ Rs.8999 Only

By installing a video door phone system you will increase not only your home security, but also the convenience of managing daily household chores. These products from GM Brand are 10% water proof. Good infrared illuminator enables to identify visitors even in poor light condition. They have 56 degrees of viewing angles- vandal proof, automatic Image Capturing with internal flash memory card and can be fitted both outdoor and indoor.

#9.  Say Goodbye to the Old Fashioned Door Bells! This Smart Bell Rings Not Only at Your Home, it Also Rings on Your Phone with Given Notification:

Video Door Phone

 Buy GM Video Door Phones @ Rs.14999

You don’t have to walk up to the door to know who just fire up the idoor bells app is there. You can talk and view the remote visitor. It can be easily fixed in place of your current doorbell, and the APP makes it a child play to install it in minutes. Requires Wi-Fi at home & Internet Connection on Phone. Once you have this device fitted, you can check the live access from anywhere in the world.



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