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7 Fun Ideas for a Romantic Night

December 16, 2016 11:42 IST

Whether you are a newly married couple or have been in a marriage for years, the fact is that romance slowly fades away as the couple reaches a certain comfort level. But, don’t worry! You can bring back the spark in your love life with the helpful tips which we would like to share with you. Plan a romantic night with your partner. If you can’t create a setting at home, you can probably take your partner out away from the urban hustle and enjoy some quite time. Here are 7 ideas for a romantic night-

#1 Sexy gifts for your partner

Sexy gifts

 Buy Pleasure Kits for Your Partner - Starting @ Rs 1290 

Let your partner have some fun with these pleasure kits. The Kama Sutra Love Essentials kit includes a set of oils and balms for a pleasurable experience. The LoveTreats gift box includes a toy, a lube and an aphrodisiac tin candle for the girl in your life. The LoveTreats Naughty gift box includes assorted sensual accessories for an unforgettable experience.

#2 Time to play

Pleasure Toys

 Buy Pleasure Toys - Starting @ Rs 499

Sex after a while also gets monotonous which is so not cool. Invest in a couple of adult toys to enhance the experience. If your partner is naive, you can teach your partner a lesson in love with this adult game called California Exotic Novelties Smackers Triple. Each adult game has something new to offer; take your pick

#3 Avoid the clichés

A romantic night need not be a candle light or a long drive. Stay away from clichés at all costs. Put in a little effort and plan something that you have never done before. You could buy a bottle of wine and surprise your partner one fine evening.

#4 Play some more games to make it a night worth remembering

Adult Games

 Buy Adult Fun Games Under Rs 650

Thinking about heating things up in the bedroom? These fun adult games can definitely get things going. Take your romance on an all new level with one of these naughty games. Every game gets you closer to your partner and inspires intimacy.

#5 Movie date? Hell no! Up the sensual game with these tricks

Fun Stuff

 Buy Kissable Body Paint/Bondage Kit/Edible Panty - Starting @ Rs 390

You can relish a commonly loved dish together in bed. You can begin the activity with little bit of teasing. Indulge in sheer delectable intimacy with these edible treats like the kissable body lotion or the edible panty for the ultimate arousal.

Must haves

#6 Condoms


 Buy Condom Combos Under Rs 420

Stock up on various types of condoms. Pick a type or flavour that you think your partner would appreciate. Don’t forget to carry a lot of them; after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

#7 Lubricants


 Buy Lubricants Under Rs 800

Sex without lubricants is like enjoying a slide without water. Use a lubricant as it leads to better sex and spruce things up in your sex life.



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