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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Toys That Keep Your Kids Happy and Busy

6 Toys That Keep Your Kids Happy and Busy

August 26, 2016 11:41 IST

#1 Action Themed Toys - For your little man

Action Toys

Buy Action Toys Under Rs 300

Boys from a very young age are naturally inclined towards action toys. If your little one loves action toys, you could either buy him the shooter gun or a beyblade which were once a rage. For those who love superheroes, this superhero mask combo is a perfect pick.

#2 Cars & Bikes - An all time favourite

Cars & Bikes

Buy Toy Cars & Bikes Under Rs 400

Did you know playing with a toy car or a bike improves your kid's hand-eye coordination? Yes, you read it right! Playing with a toy car or a bike improves their concentration and motor skills which are very important for a child's growth. Also, these toys are fun to play and will keep your child busy for long hours.

#3 Infant Toys - For your little wonder

Infant Toys

Buy Baby Toys Under Rs 400

These toys are designed for little babies. Imagine an elephant playing drums or a monkey jumping for your kid. The highlight of these toys is the constant movement along with sound and light which will not just excite them but keep them occupied as well.

#4 Soft Toys - Cuddly and warm

Soft Toys

 Buy Soft Toys Under Rs 300

Soft toys are loved by both kids and adults. One can play with them or cuddle while sleeping. Soft toys are instrumental in developing emotions in your child as they learn the values of affection and bonding. Also these toys are harmless as they lack sharpness in terms of shape and are very warm.

#5 Educational toys - Make your kid intelligent

Learning Toys

Buy Educational Toys Under Rs 400

An educational toy may look funky on the outset but provides a lot of value and enhances your child's intelligence. The mini tablet enables your kid to learn new spellings and pronunciations which improves your child's speaking and writing skills. The solar powered kit contains a lot of figures which combine into various models. Playing with the solar toy kit makes your kid intelligent and patient at the same time. The rubic cube sharpens your kid's mind, teaches them how to solve problems and improves their concentration levels.

#6 Battery Operated Toys - Purely entertaining

Battery operated Toys

 Buy Battery Operated Toys Under Rs 450

After learning, let your kid have some fun time with these battery operated toys. These toys keep your kid active and energized.



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