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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Smart Kitchen Items That Will Keep Your Hands Mess-Free

6 Smart Kitchen Items That Will Keep Your Hands Mess-Free

Last updated on: March 22, 2016 15:20 IST

#1 Smart Salad Chef - Cutting is now easy and mess free

Salad Chef

Buy Smart Salad Chef @ Rs 599

Love salads? Well, enjoying a dish of salad is a treat but making one is equally tedious. The cutting and grating process is time consuming and also makes your hands messy.

The Smart Salad Chef range from Genius turns salad making into a child’s play. Not just salads, even starters, munching, soups, stews, desserts and tarts can be sliced with this Smart Salad Chef. Be it fruits, veggies, eggs, sausage or cheese, simply place it on the blade inserts and press the flap downwards to enjoy easy cutting in seconds.

#2 Herb Mill Chopper - Mincing herbs was never so easy

Herb Mill Chopper

Buy Herb Mill Chopper @ Rs 399

Nothing can match the aroma of freshly minced herbs while preparing a dish. However, you can mince the herbs instantly as the conventional technique of mincing herbs take a lot of time. The herbs are usually stored for sometime before actually preparing a dish which is why the herbs end up losing their aroma and flavour. The Easy Healing Herb Mill makes mincing fresh herbs quick and easy.

The Herb Mill can grind basil, parsley, cilantro, ginger, mint, oregano, sage, garlic, olives, capers, Cumin and more. Just open the Mill to add fresh herbs of your choice in its chamber and twist over your favourite dish and savour it right away.

#3 Garlic Cube - Add garlic with utmost ease

Garlic Cube

Buy Garlic Cube @ Rs 299

No Indian delicacy is a little incomplete without the flavour of garlic in it. We use garlic a lot! And this Garlic Cube has made using garlic even easier. It’s small but a mighty performer. The Garlic Cube is a sturdy chopper with two sets of stainless steel cutting grids so that the pieces of garlic are cleanly sliced or diced. The Garlic Cube minces or slices garlic in one simple push-down motion. Simply push the garlic through the grid or slicer. It is the solution for all major kitchen chopping jobs.

#4 Dough Maker - Make dough for chapatti/paratha in 5 minutes

Dough Maker

Buy Dough Maker @ Rs 249

Making dough for chapatti or paratha can be a tough task especially if you are a beginner. However, this dough maker makes the process of dough making easy and fast.

Steps to use:

-          Apply edible to the surface of the bowl and the blade.

-          Add flour and water in 3:1 proportion and close the lid properly.

-          Rotate the handle in clockwise direction for a couple of minutes and then repeat the same in anti-clockwise direction.

The dough maker is not only used to make dough but also to liquidise and churn dal, soups, milk shakes, curds and shakes.

#5 Roti Maker – A blessing for each and every household

Roti Maker

Buy Roti Maker @ Rs 599

Making rotis in this fast paced world can be quite a daunting task especially if you are a working woman and have to rush to work every morning. Bring home a roti maker and prepare chapattis quickly. It comes with a high quality non stick coating which can roll and cook chapattis in no time. Not just rotis, you can also cook parathas, omelettes, papad faster than ever.

#6 Speedy Chopper – Lives up to its name

Speedy Chopper

Buy Speedy Chopper @ Rs 349

Why spend on multiple blenders and mixers when this Speedy Chopper can do all the chopping work quickly and neatly! It’s compact, lightweight and saves you from the hassles of taking out that giant mixer or blender for chopping coriander leaves.  



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