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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Fitness Tips to Celebrate a Guilt Free Diwali

6 Fitness Tips to Celebrate a Guilt Free Diwali

Last updated on: October 26, 2016 12:49 IST

Diwali is here and so is the time to eat those delicious sweets and desserts. Diwali is the time when you just can't stop relishing your favourite piece of mithai or a bowl of kheer. Most of us tend to gain a little weight around the festive season, thanks to the sugar rich sweets. Wondering how to eat your favourite sweets without gaining weight? Well, here are 6 fitness tips for a guilt free Diwali -

#1 Sweat it out even when you are on the go

Hot shapers fitness wear

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Yes, you heard it right! Most people give this excuse of not finding the time for going to the gym. Fitness wear is the perfect solution for all those who cannot find time to workout or go to the gym. Hot shapers is a fitness wear made of Neotex smart fabric which lets your body to swear out the harmful fats. The fabric increases the temperature inside the pants and makes your body sweat more. You can now burn that unwanted fat while doing your regular activities. Isn't that cool?

#2 The best way to relish sweets

No matter what you are eating, eat small bites, relish the taste, it will last longer and control your urge of taking another piece. Love to gorge on sweets, try eating homemade ladoos made from jaggery as they control your calorie intake.

#3 Make simple lifestyle changes

Slimming Tea & Capsules

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First of all, increase your fluid intake to stay hydrated. Secondly, start your day with a cup of Ayurvedic slimming tea instead of regular tea. Along with absoring your body fat, the slimming tea stimulates the metabolism and controls your appetite which restricts you from eating junk food. The Garcinia Cambogia capsules is another addition you can make to your diet. The core ingredient is a plant with fruits and the skin of this fruit contains Hydroxycitric acid which aids in weight loss.

#4 There is no alternative to a proper workout

Home gym equipment

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If you cannot find time to hit the gym, the right home gym equipment is your best bet. The home gym set includes rubber plates, rods, dumbbells, gloves and a skipping rope. Make sure you follow the right workout regime or consult a fitness trainer for proper guidance. Along with an intensive weight training, it is equally important to strengthen your core.

Use the Ab Body Twister or the tummy trimmer to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Take a seat on the Ab Body twister and swing back & forth. This equipment provides resistance on the way down and up which leads to strenthening the abdominal muscles. In case of a tummy trimmer, you just to insert the foot and pull it back to achieve desired results.

#5 Try magnetic therapy - Magnetic Toe ring

Magnetic Toe Ring

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It is a revolutionary way of losing weight. Magnetic therapy is brings about cellular modifications in the body which turns carbohydrates and fats to useful source of energy. Along with boosting the metabolism, the toe ring optimizes your blood circulation which in turn helps you lose weight and stay fit. 

These fitness hacks will definitely let you enjoy your Diwali without any guilt. However, you must not forget to keep a track on your weight throughout the festive season.

#6 Don’t wait for the right time

Admit it, most of us think of eating right now and think of a fitness regime after the festive season. It never works! There is hardly any scope for improvement then. It is wise to act right now by eating healthy atleast when you are not indulging in any festivities. Planning to attend an event some time this week? Eat a lighter breakfast on that day and have a lot of fruits to keep your calories under control.



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