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6 Colours That Make Your Home Stress Free

March 10, 2016 17:51 IST

Did you know? Colours play a vital role in making your home soothing and less stressful. Choosing the right colours in your bedroom or drawing room can have a significant impact on your mood and well being.

As per Feng Shui, the colours of your room affect your stress levels. According to a study conducted in the MinnesotaStateUniversity, the colour red increases stress levels whereas colours like green and white are soothing and reduce stress. The best way to add some soothing colours to your bedroom is by picking a few bed-sheets for your room.

Wish to make your room stress free? Here are colours that reduce the stress of your home –

Courtesy: huffingtonpost

#1 Blues – The shades of blue remind you of sky or water. These shades keep your calm and stabilise your blood pressure levels.

Blue bed sheets

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#2 Grey – The shades of grey have a similar effect like that of blue.

Grey bed sheets

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#3 Greens – The shades of green are known to relieve stress. They are known to be soft and soothing.

Green bed sheets

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#4 Pinks – The shades of pink are truly relaxing and keep your mind calm and peaceful

Pink bed sheets

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#5 Purple – The darker shades are quite intense whereas lavender is equally soothing

Purple bed sheets 

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#6 Yellow/Beige – The yellowish shade is energetic whereas beige is calmer.

Yellow and beige bed sheets

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