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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Car Accessories That You'll Actually Use

7 Car Accessories That You'll Actually Use

Last updated on: March 24, 2017 10:54 IST

#1 Car Backseat Organiser - Clever storage idea

 Car Backseat Organizer

 Buy Car Backseat Organiser @ Rs 449

This car clever backseat organiser holds your food packets, drinks, gadgets and a lot more. In a nutshell, it helps you declutter your backseat.

#2 Car Scratch Remover Pen- Get rid of those little scratches easily

Car scratch remover


 Car scratch remover

 Buy 1 Get 2- Car Scratch Remover Pen @ Rs 229

Does your beloved car look a little old because of a few scratches? Don't worry, we have a permanent solution for you. This car scratch remover pen is a scratch repair filler. It removes scratches from your vehicle easily. Using the car scratch remover is super easy. Apply the pen on scratched areas, buff it in and wipe it. This scratch repair pen is permanent and water-resistant.

#3 Set of 2 Hose Pipe with Spray Gun- Why waste your money on car washing services!


Spray gun demo


Spray Gun Hose Pipe

 Buy Spray Gun Hose Pipe (Set of 2) @ Rs 399

Back from a road trip? Your car needs a good wash. This hose pipe with spray gun nozzle delivers a high volume spray which washes away the dust and dirt. Just turn on the nozzle and make your car sparkling clean in a few minutes.

#4 Tyre Air Compressor- Maintains the air pressure of car tyres

Tyre Air Compressor

 Buy Car Tyre Inflator @ Rs 375

Did you know? Driving with inadequately inflated tyres not just hampers the performance of your car but it is also not safe. No matter where you travel, this tyre air compressor must be a part of your car emergency kit. With this car tyre compressor, you can check the air pressure of your car tyre and fill it if inadequate. When the tyres are properly inflated, they end up saving fuel for you.

#5 Car Seat Lumbar Support- Corrects your posture while driving

Car Seat Lumbar Support

 Buy Car Seat Backrest Combo @ Rs 199

This accessory can be used not just in the car but at your workplace as well. Simply attach this to your chair and it is ready to use. The mesh framework is flexibles and provides adequate support to the lumbar region. This seat support is meant to correct poor posture which can cause lower back pain. Even if you are already suffering from lower back pain, you can use this supporter to feel comfortable.

#6 Car Vacuum Cleaner- Keeps your car dust-free


Car vacuum cleaner


Car Vacuum Cleaner

Buy Car Vacuum Cleaner @ Rs 295

Keep your car interiors clean and tidy with this car vacuum cleaner. It has a handle like attachment which cleans the most difficult corners of your car with great ease. All you need to do is connect it to your car charger and start cleaning.

#7 Car Ioniser- Deodorises your car

Car Ionizer

Buy Car Air Purifier @ Rs 499

Whether it is the smell of smoke or the stale odour produced by smelly feet, this car ioniser eliminates the peculiar smell. It purifies the air and reduces the chances of general ailments like coughing, sneezing, asthma and so on. This car not just keeps the odour out of the car but also fills the car with fresh air.



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