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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Awesomely Useful Car & Bike Accessories That are Worth Every Penny

6 Awesomely Useful Car & Bike Accessories That are Worth Every Penny

Last updated on: February 17, 2016 16:45 IST

BSC Eurosmart Car Cleaning Kit

Buy BSC Eurosmart Ultimate Car Cleaning Kit @ Rs 999

(Dashboard Polish + Glass Coat + Interior Cleaner +

Tyre Dresser + Body Polish + Stain Remover +

Sponge + Cloth)

#1 Car break down kit - Contains everything to survive a breakdown

Car Breakdown Kit

Buy Car Breakdown Kit - Air Compressor, Car Jack, Car Tyre Repair Kit And Multipurpose Tool @ Rs 1699

Everything you needed for car repair and maintenance now comes in a comprehensive set, fully assembled with air compressor, car jack, car tyre repair kit & multipurpose tool kit. This car utility combo features Air compressor which is perfect for improvising the car’s brakes, cornering and mileage. When your car breaks down due to inadequate air pressure, the air compressor with a capacity of 250 PSI comes handy to get you back moving to your destination. Even the car jack promises optimum durability and is tough enough to lift almost all vehicles. If you are facing any problems in your car tyres, then the car tyre repair kit is a perfect tool to mend your car tyres so that you keep on moving on roadways without any halting. Along with these tools, you also get multi-purpose tool kit which is ideal for home maintenance.

#2 Car Maintenance Kit - Show your car some love

Car Maintenance Kit

Buy Car Maintenance Combo - Water Spray Gun, Air Compressor, Car Vacuum Cleaner, Wax Polish, Dashboard & Leather Wax Polish Spray, Glass Cleaning Wiper, Dust Cleaning Gloves & Car Duster @ Rs 1899

Proper car maintenance requires not just keeping your fuel tank full or replacing your engine oil. The look of your car also counts. This car maintenance combo consists of everything that will keep your car clean and maintenance free. It has a water spray gun which washes away the dirt and thoroughly cleans the exterior area of your car. Similarly, the car vacuum cleaner, wax polish spray and duster clean the interiors of your car. There is an air compressor included in this kit which allows you to check the tyre pressure on a daily basis. Take good care of your car as a well-maintained car will never burn a hole in your pocket.

#3 Car Music System - Never have a dull moment

Vox Car Stereo

Buy Vox Car Stereo with Speakers, Tweeters & Remote Control @ Rs 1299

Listening to your favourite tracks in the car makes your journey fun. This car stereo from VOX comes with an Auxiliary input which lets you play your favourite music from a USB drive or SD card. When you don’t have any new tracks on your USB drive, you can switch on the tuner. This stereo comes with one pair of 4” speakers and one pair of tweeters.

#4 Car Scratch Remover Pen - Keep your automobile scratch free

Car Scratch Remover Pen

Buy 1 Get 2 Free - Car/Bike Scratch Remover Pen @ Rs 199

The scratch remover pen is nothing but a clear coat that contains UV hardeners that fill the scratches. This pen works on all colours. Save the expenses of that expensive paint job every time your car gets scratched. Simply use the scratch remover pen and get rid of all scratches.

#5 Mini Foot Pump for two-wheelers - Keep a check on the air pressure of your bike's tyre

Mini Foot Pump

Buy Mini Foot Pump for Two Wheelers @ Rs 240

You have to attend an important meeting and suddenly you realise that the tyre of your bike has gone flat. Carry a mini foot pump handy for such situations. The mini foot pump allows you to pump in air and inflate your tyre quickly. This foot pump is ideal especially when you are stuck in the middle of the road and there is no repair station nearby.  

#6 Solar Auto Cool Ventilation Fan - Keeps your car interiors cool

Auto cool ventilation fan

Buy Solar Auto Cool Ventilation Fan @ Rs 398

Try this Auto Cool Ventilation Fan Solar Powered Exhaust System that will keep your car cool even on the hottest days. It keeps a non-toxic, cool environment when you return on your car. You can place this Auto cool vent on top of glass of the window, then close and lock the car. Its solar panel uses sunlight - not the car's electrical wiring or batteries - to power the built-in fan.

#7 3D Mesh Bike Seat Cover - For a comfortable ride

3D Mesh Seat Cover

Buy 3D Mesh Universal Bike Seat Cover @ Rs 199

These universal seat covers are great for hot climates or cool climates. Its heat proof and breathable accessory which will give more comfort and conditional effect while going for long hours. This seat cover is made of cushioned mesh which remains cool during summers and dry during monsoons.



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