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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Your Car Smell Great All the Time

5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Your Car Smell Great All the Time

Last updated on: April 07, 2016 17:53 IST

#1 Car ionizer – Deodorizes the entire car

Car Ionizer

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The smell of a new car is just great but it doesn’t last long. Blame it on the pollution, smoke and sweat of people travelling; the car is eventually filled with bad odour and impure air. Keep this car ionizer in your car as it destroys the cause of the odour and makes your car smell fresh and clean. It makes the air within the car healthy to breathe.

#2 Car perfume – Makes your car smell great

Car Perfume

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You or someone from your family or friends have a habit of smoking. The stale cigarette smell somehow lingers in the car for a long time which causes a bad impression on other co-travellers. Make sure you have a car perfume in your car which instantly eliminates the odour and makes your car smell great.

#3 Car AC cleaner – Eliminates the odour emitted by your car AC

CVC Car AC Cleaner

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Does the air condition of your car emit a typical stale smell? Use this car AC cleaner and get rid of the accumulated foul smell, dirt, debris and bacteria within minutes. This foam based cleaner is used for cleaning coil, AC ducts, louvers and similar passages in automobiles. It improves the heat transfer of your car air conditioner thereby delivering superior cooling. It has a pleasant floral fragrance which makes your car smell fresh and sweet.

Directions for use:

-          Switch off the car AC

-          Spray AC cleaner foam into the coil, ducts and between the louvers enough so that the whole cavity becomes full of foam

-          Place a clean cloth or tissue paper in front of the duct to collect all the foamy residues. After couple of minutes start the blower unit to flush out the foam which will bring out all dirt, dust and other contaminants from the duct & louver area on to the paper/cloth held in front of the vents

#4 Microfiber cloth – Cleans your car without making it smelly

Microfiber Cloth

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Do you know how your car is cleaned every day? That dirty cleaning cloth is used for cleaning a couple of other cars which means the dust accumulated in the cloth gets transferred to your car. The regular cleaning cloth does not guarantee effective cleaning whereas the microfiber cloth, made of thick polyester and polyamide fabrics woven together, has sharp which grabs more bacteria, germs etc.

#5 Car Vacuum Cleaner – Flushes out the excessive dirt

Car vacuum cleaner

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First of all, remove all the car floor mats before using the car vacuum cleaner to ensure detailed cleaning. Connect the car vacuum cleaner to the lighter socket and start by cleaning the carpets and the seats to remove excessive dirt. Insert the vacuum nozzle especially into those areas where you feel the dirt might have accumulated. This may reduce the odour levels in your car.



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