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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Affordable Decor Hacks to Make Your Home Summer Friendly

5 Affordable Decor Hacks to Make Your Home Summer Friendly

Last updated on: May 30, 2016 15:23 IST

After enjoying a cozy winter, it’s time for the hot and boring summer. When summer is here, we usually update our wardrobes but very few take their homes in to consideration. Looking to make some meaningful changes to your home and get it ready for summer?

Here are 5 affordable décor hacks to make your home summer friendly –

#1 Soothing bed linen

Bed linen

Buy Cotton Double Bed-sheets with 2 Pillow Covers Under Rs 500

If you really wish to give a makeover to your bedroom this summer, opt for these cotton bed-sheets with summer friendly shades and fabrics. The best part about bed-sheets is that your bedroom says a new story every time you change the bed-sheets.

#2 Time to shuffle your curtains


Buy Curtains Under Rs 250

We usually opt for those heavy and embellished curtains which exude warmth and luxury for our space. However, summer calls for an obvious change. Switch to lighter curtains with pastel shades. Make sure you opt for airy fabrics like net, chiffon etc. This little change will make your room look bigger and let in more sunlight.

#3 Brighten up your drawing room with new cushion covers

Cushion covers

Buy Cushion Covers Set Under Rs 800

If budget permits you, get your walls painted in white colour or preferably any other lighter shade. However if you are looking for a budget friendly option to change the look of your drawing room, opt for pastel coloured cushion covers to set the right summer mood.

#4 Choose subtle shades for home decor pieces

Wall shelves

Buy Wall Shelves Under Rs 1400

Come summer and opt for furniture in subtle shades as it makes your home look soothing. Whether it is heavy furniture, arty décor pieces or a simple flower vase, choose muted colours.

#5 Opt for large mirrors

Add large mirror to your walls as they evenly distribute the light in your room and make your room look spacious and more open. 



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