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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 3 Monsoon Accessories That Save You on a Rainy Day

3 Monsoon Accessories That Save You on a Rainy Day

July 05, 2016 17:52 IST

#1 Bid farewell to those run of the mill umbrellas


Buy Umbrellas/Umbrella Combos Under Rs 500

The usual black umbrellas are just so passé. Whether it is going to work or buying grocery, most people on the streets use the regular black umbrella everyday. However, the idea is to look trendy and fashionable. Therefore, you should opt for these smart and colourful umbrellas this season.

#2 Monsoon special footwear

Monsoon footwear

Buy Monsoon Flip Flops/Clogs Under Rs 500

Your shoe rack is just incomplete without the right footwear this monsoon. Instead of ruining those leather shoes, go for these monsoon friendly sandals and you are sorted. These sandals are simply apt for the monsoon and the colours kill the season’s gloominess.

#3 Water-repellent bags to safeguard your belongings

Water repellent handbags

Buy Water Repellent Handbags Under Rs 400

Your leather handbag will surely go for a toss if used during a rainy day. Instead, choose one from these waterproof bags that are lightweight, colourful and most importantly store all your essential belongings.



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