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10 Tools For Your Kitchen That are Worth Every Penny

May 09, 2016 18:43 IST

#1 Pineapple Corer Slicer - Slice pineapple like never before

Pineapple corer combo

Buy Pineapple Corer/Slicer (Set of 2) @ Rs 349

Love eating a pineapple but hate cutting it? Here is a revolutionary product to make pineapple cutting easy and hassle free – Pineapple corer/slicer. Trim the top portion of the pineapple, insert the shaft into it and twist the handle to get the pineapple slices.

#2 Vegetable Chopper / Apple Slicer - Chopping and slicing

Cutter Combo

Buy Vegetable Cutter with Free Apple Cutter @ Rs 329

Be it dicing or chopping fruits, vegetables and cheese, do it all in seconds with this cutter. Why use the knife for cutting onions which makes you weep when you can use this vegetable cutter and do the same job in a fraction of seconds. Simply cut the veggies or fruits in half, place it on the stainless steel blades, push it down and get perfectly diced onions with no mess.

#3 Multipurpose Knife/Scissors/Peeler - A kitchen essential

Knife Scissors Peeler

Buy Knife + Scissors + Peeler @ Rs 149

As you can see, this combo consists of a knife, a pair of scissors and a peeler. This kit is a must have in your kitchen.

#4 Vegetable/Fruit Cutter/ChopperSlicer/Peeler - Makes you a slicing and chopping expert

Chopper Slicer Peeler Plus

Buy Cutter/Chopper/Slicer/Peeler @ Rs 469

Cutting, slicing and chopping fruits and veggies in various sizes and shapes is now easy with this tool.  With 5 different attachments, this tool allows you to cut veggies in 11 different ways. It can cut in various shapes like cubes, slices in various sizes and thickness. The long lasting superior blades make your job extremely easy.

#5 Slice O Matic Chopper - Does all your hard work 

Slice O Matic Chopper

Buy Slice O Matic Chopper @ Rs 399

The Slice O Matic Chopper lets you slice entire fruits and vegetables effortlessly within seconds. Place the fruit/vegetable in the food chute and tap down on the handle. The Slice O Matic Chopper does all your slicing and chopping quickly and lets you spend more time out of the kitchen. You can change the thickness of the slices by adjusting the dial.

#6 Herb Mill Chopper - Chopping herbs is like performing a magic trick

Herb Mill Chopper

Buy Herb Mill Chopper @ Rs 399

A tasty meal is incomplete without the essential herbs. This herb mill chopper lets you add fresh herbs to your meal. Mincing herbs may be time consuming but this chopper makes it a breeze.

#7 5 Blade Scissors - Cut herbs at the speed of light

5 Blade Scissors

Buy 5 Blades Scissors @ Rs 288

Cut herbs at the speed of a chef with this 5 blade scissors.

#8 Pizza Cutter - Slicing a pizza is effortless

Pizza cutter

Buy Pizza Cutter @ Rs 149

The sharp and durable blades of this pizza cutter let you cut pizzas with utmost ease.

#9 Multi-functional Chopper/Crusher - Pull it and done!

Speedy Chopper

Buy Multi-functional Speedy Chopper @ Rs 349

Why crowd your kitchen counter with hand blenders or mixers, when you can get this speedy chopper for chopping quick and clean!

#10 Onion & Chilly Cutter with Free Apple Cutter - The expert cutters! 

Onion and chilly cutter

Buy Onion/Chilly Cutter & Apple Cutter @ Rs 223

With these tools, cutting fruits and veggies is easy and real fast. The onion & chilly cutter is easy to use. Place the raw onions and chillies in the top compartment and rotate the handle to get the desired results. The apple cutter is equally easy. The stainless steel blades separate the core and cut the apple in 8 equal slices simultaneously. 



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