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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 10 Incredibly Useful Hacks for a Newborn Baby

10 Incredibly Useful Hacks for a Newborn Baby

Last updated on: March 03, 2016 10:10 IST

#1 Wet or poop? Check the signal on their diaper


Buy Baby Diapers Under Rs 225

Whether it is wet or poop, it tends to irritate your baby’s skin leaving them uncomfortable and cranky. These diapers come with a special layer which pulls in wetness instantly making the skin dry. There are diapers which come with an indicator line. If the line on the diaper turns blue, it means it’s wet and if turns yellow, it means poop.

#2 Use a wet wipe to avoid mess

Baby wipes

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In most cases, the baby ends up peeing on you as soon as you open the diaper. You can avoid this situation by wiping your baby’s belly with a wet wipe right under the belly button before opening the diaper.

#3 Apply diaper rash cream with a makeup brush

Diaper rash cream

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You can use a makeup brush to apply the diaper rash cream. No need to get your hands messy while applying the cream. These diaper creams prevent your baby from getting rashes when they come in contact with wet diapers.

#4 Keep this baby care set handy during the growing years of your kid

Baby care set

Buy Baby Care Set @ Rs 1793

Summer Infant Baby's Health and Grooming Kit is a sixteen piece set with accessories to keep baby well-groomed. It can also be used for tending to them when they are sick. A durable hard case keeps everything organized and easy to find.

#5 Always pack a couple of extra baby towels before you leave on a trip

Baby towels

Buy Baby Towel Packs Under Rs 650

A couple of extra towels are really useful especially when you are carrying a baby. If there is a need to bathe the baby more than once in a day, using a wet towel is a complete no-no.

#6 Your baby’s sleeping equipment for trip

Baby bedding

 Buy Baby Bedding Sets Starting @ Rs 399

Baby blankets

Buy Baby Blankets Under Rs 325 

Going for a trip? Create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for your baby in the hotel room with baby bedding & blanket

#7 Protect your little one from the menace of mosquitoes

Mosquito Net

Buy Baby Bedding with Mosquito Nets Under Rs 600

Whether your baby is outdoors or in a closed setting, make it a point to use a bed with mosquito net while they sleep to protect them from mosquito bites.

#8 Carrying your baby has two benefits – Keeps you healthy and keeps your baby happy

Baby carrier

Buy Baby Carriers Starting @ Rs 330

If you don’t have the time to exercise, carrying your baby gives you the dual benefit of walking and weightlifting. Also, according to a few studies, the babies who are held more cry less. These baby carriers allow you to easily carry your little one and move around in a comfortable manner.

#9 Let them play with rattles - They are a good source of learning

Baby rattles

Buy Baby Rattles Starting @ Rs 199

Besides the entertainment, these rattles improve the stimuli and sensory reflexes. These rattles improve the motor skills of your child, make them aware of new sounds and the actions which caused the sounds.

#10 Thinking of a gift for a new born baby? These infant sets are just perfect

Baby gift sets

Buy Infant Sets Starting @ Rs 819

The infant sets typically include a couple of bodysuits, a cap, mittens and booties. An infant set makes a perfect gift for new parents. 



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