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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 10 Fun Toys Every Kid Wants for Christmas 2016

10 Fun Toys Every Kid Wants for Christmas 2016

December 05, 2016 17:39 IST

#1 JCB Toy

 JCB Toy

 Buy Yellow Toy JCB @ Rs 199

The little JCB toy is perfect for your little builder. This toy improves your kid's imagination skills. This toy looks exactly like a earth mover and is a perfect addition to your little one's toy collection. This JCB toy will make your child's playtime exciting and keep him busy for hours.

#2 Toy Guitar

Musical Guitar

 Buy Electronic Guitar @ Rs 199

Bring out the guitarist in your little one by buying him this musical guitar. With 8 different sounds and a colourful design, your kid is surely going to have a fun-filled time with this one.

#3 Crawling/Singing Baby Toy

 Crawling Singing Baby Toy

 Buy Crawling/Singing Baby Toy @ Rs 294

This crawling baby toy sings songs for your little baby. Besides singing, the baby also crawls which is an interesting sight for your baby. This toy can definitely make your cranky kid happy.

#4 Plane with Music and Light

 Plane with Music and Light

 Buy Plane with Music and Light @ Rs 299

Keep your child immersed in hours of play with this toy plane. Planning to buy a birthday gift for your little one? This plane is the best buy. This toy resembles a real plane and has realistic movements. With auto change direction mode, the toy plane change its direction automatically which is a truly exciting sight for your kid This toy keeps your kid active and improves their hand-eye coordination skills.

#5 English Learner Tablet

English Learner Tablet

 Buy English Learner Tablet @ Rs 299

Every kid wants to lay his hands on the latest gadget. However, it is certainly not recommended to hand over your smartphone or tablet to them as a substitute to your time. This Christmas, surprise your kid with this English learner tablet. Your kid can now learn numbers, letters, spellings and so on. This tablet has soothing melodies and songs which make learning fun. This tablet will make your kid intelligent and mentally active.

#6 Talking Cat Toy

 Talking Cat Toy

 Buy Talking Cat Toy @ Rs 399

This talking cat hears what you say and it repeats the same thing in a funny voice. This little toy cat can also tell stories to amuse your little one. This toy is a harmless company and can help your child talk faster and improve his speech.

#7 Kids Magic Sewer

Magic Sewer

 Buy Magic Sewer @ Rs 649

Want to teach your kid sewing? With this Magic Sewer, your kid can learn sewing quickly in a fun way. The machine is equipped with manual and pedal-operated. The kit includes four spools of thread white and red. If your little girl loves to play with dolls, she can even stitch clothes for the dolls with this Magic Sewer.

#8 Toy Car

Red Toy Car 

Buy Red Toy Car @ Rs 349

This one is a must have. Most kids first love is their toy car. They can play with it all day long. Buy your kid a toy car and they would love to add it to their collection of toy cars.

#9 Spiderman Walkie Talkie

Spiderman Walkie Talkie

 Buy Spiderman Walkie Talkie Set @ Rs 235

If your kids love to play live action games, this walkie set is a great gift. This walkie talkie set works like a real one. Now, your kids can talk to each other. This walkie talkie is really useful while your kids are playing the role of army personnel or a spy agent. The range of communication is approximately 100 meters.

#10 Fighter Toy Robot

Toy Robot

 Buy Metal Fighter Robot Toy @ Rs 399

The toy robot is another interesting toy which can keep your child busy and entertained. With electronic sounds and talking feature, this robot is sure to make your child's play time interesting.



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