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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 10 Father's Day Gifts Your Dad will Actually Love

10 Father's Day Gifts Your Dad will Actually Love

June 17, 2016 17:32 IST

#1 A smartwatch for your tech savvy dad

Bluetooth U8 Smart Watch

Buy Bluetooth U8 Smart Watch @ Rs 899

#2 A Father's Day special chocolate if your dad has a serious sweet tooth

I Love You Dad Chocolate

Buy Father's Day Special I Love Dad Chocolate Bar @ Rs 265

#3 A set of men's accessories for your dad who has a great sense of style

Men's accessories

Buy Father's Day Combo - Wallet + Belt + Key Chain @ Rs 1550

#4 Finding it difficult to express what your dad means to you? Here is a mug and a greeting card that will do the trick

Mug and greeting card

Buy Father's Day Mug + Greeting Card @ Rs 399

#5 A classic watch for your punctual dad

Titan Sonata Watch

Buy Sonata Watch @ Rs 2170

#6 A pair of silver cufflinks for your stylish dad


Buy Silver Cricket Ball Cuff-links @ Rs 650

#7 A combo of two selfie sticks for your dad who loves travelling

Selfie Stick

Buy Selfie Stick (Set of 2) @ Rs 599

#8 A 10000 mAh power bank for your dad who is always on the phone

10000 mAh Power Bank

Buy 10000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 970

#9 Lord ganesha idol for your religious dad


Buy Ganesha Idol @ Rs 1099

#10 This cushion cover and greeting card does the trick when you can't say 'I Love You Dad'.

Cushion and card

Buy Father's Day Cushion + Greeting Card @ Rs 449




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