Letter 1
Letter 1

I'm 16 and in the 12th std and for the first time in my life, I feel lucky to be alive. After reading your article I almost forgot about all the pressure I'm going through at school, at home and all the seemingly endless problems I face and just dedicated my mind to thinking about the Uphaar tragedy and the system of justice in India.

Many, many emotions flowed through me as I read your descriptions of Unnati and Ujjwal. I was angry that we Indians have become so dehumanised that we never stop to think about how safe our roads, our buildings, our schools, our country is. Life seems to mean so little. Hospitals are ill-equipped and our judiciary metes out more injustice than justice. It's sooo frustrating. I know my generation has the power to change this system but HOW? I'm not helpless, but HOW? If you could answer this, I'd been so grateful.

At the same time, I was crying because your children were such beautiful people and you are such an amazing mother. Many times, I take my parents and their love for granted. Many times when I say I want to die, I know I don't mean it because I have so many plans for the future, even if it's just for tomorrow. Your article has made me realise how precious all of this is and I'd like to thank you for sharing your feelings with us. You have made a difference to a lot of teenagers and I'm sure Unnati & Ujjwal would be proud of their loving mother.

I hope and pray that they are happy wherever they are and that their grieving family is relieved by the knowledge that they are safe and loved, now and forever. Thanks again, Mrs Krishnamoorthy.

Anjali R K

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