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The Amphibian

A profile of ace swimmer, Ian Thorpe.

The Tour de France

A guide to everything you wanted to know about the cycle race.

The Boy Wonder

A profile of Michael Owen, one of the best forwards in football.

Ali turns sixty

On the occasion of Muhammad Ali's 60th birthday, we look back at his wonder years.

The Pride of Portugal

A profile of the genius from Portugal.

The Heavy-weights

Let's take a look at these champions of yesteryear; these heavyweights…

El pibe de oro

A flashback of the great moments of the footballing colossus's career as he plays his testimonial match.

The Jordan Files

A tribute to one of the greatest basketball player ever.

Hail Schumi!

A tribute to one of the greatest ever drivers in Formula 1.

Goran unplugged

2001 Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic in his moment of glory.

A feather in the cap

The complete coverage of Pulella Gopichand's exploits at the 2001 All England Badminton Championship.

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

They create legends on tracks leaving behind trails of spent fuel, spilt champagne and bruised egos. Their personal demons drive them in pursuit of the ultimate trophy in motor car racing. This is the story of those men, those magnificent men in their flying machines.

Sabrina & Boris: A Love Story

"Does it take a Boris Becker to come along, to put her into the international limelight? If only she had been singing in a language that the whole world was familiar with, she would have been a household name, for her own talent, long ago."

World Sports Awards

Fifteen sportsmen and women honoured for sporting excellence and endeavour in the year 2000 by The World Sports Awards Foundation.

Vishwanathan Anand - The King

This series, capturing in broad strokes the life and career of World Champion Anand Vishwanathan

The Young Guns

They spent their early days a little differently. They traded in their toy guns and dolls for long hours of toil. The fruits of labour are for all to see...

Rule the World

His early lessons and his genius have paid off and put him on top of the world.
Meet Tiger Woods - golfer Extraordinaire

Serving for No. 1

The ATP Champions Race 2000
These are the men who fought it out on different tennis courts, on different surfaces, in different countries, all in a bid to be Number One in the world.

Formula 1 Grand Prix 2000

One the most exciting Formula One seasons in recent history saw the championship double being done by Ferrari. Images from the every race in the season.

Australian Open

All the top players of the year gone by come together, fully rested, to give a display of awesome power and guts Down Under in the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of 2001.

Corus Tournament

Vishwanathan Anand became the World Champion. But it was widely disputed that Kasparov and Kramnik were better players. But that was only until the Corus Tournament started.