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Spotted: Rehan Butt and Imran Warsi at PHL

January 09, 2007 15:19 IST
Reader Bhavdeep Virdi sent us these pictures from Chennai.



'We went to watch the Premier Hockey League matches on January 5 and 6. In the first picture, it is my wife Trupti with Rehan Butt, representing the Bangalore Lions. He is a real cool person and obliged us for the photo after his match against Maratha Warriors,' writes Bhavdeep.

'In the second photo, it is Imran Warsi representing the Maratha Warriors, after his match with Sher-E-Jalandhar. From left to right: My friend Ashwin, my wife Trupti, Imran Warsi and my friend Akhilesh Bansal. Warsi was dead tired after the match and said 'Yaar main bahut thak gaya hoon (Friends, am very tired)'. We asked him to sit on the chair but he was very nice to stand with us for the photo.'

'Pakistan players are a big hit in Chennai at the Premier Hockey League,' added Bhavdeep.

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