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  7th Junior Men's World Cup, 2001
Hobart, Australia, October 9-21, 2001
 Pools - Round 1
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Australia France Canada Argentina
Chile Korea India Germany
England Netherlands Scotland Malaysia
Ireland South Africa Spain New Zealand
Match Schedule
 October 9, 2001
Pool A England vs Chile 5-2
Australia vs Ireland 1-1
Pool C Spain vs Scotland 8-0
India vs Canada 5-0
 Day's report: Flying start for India juniors
 October 10, 2001
Pool D Germany vs Argentina 2-1
New Zealand vs Malaysia 3-2
Pool B Korea vs Netherlands 2-2
South Africa vs France 3-2
Pool A Australia vs Chile 7-1
England vs Ireland 1-0
 Day's report: England score second win
 October 11, 2001
Pool C Spain vs Canada 6-1
India vs Scotland 7-1
Pool D Germany vs New Zealand 2-1
Argentina vs Malaysia 5-0
Pool B Korea vs France 1-1
Netherlands vs South Africa 3-0
 Day's report: India tharsh Scotland 7-1
 October 12, 2001
Pool C Scotland vs Canada 3-1
India vs Spain 3-0
Pool A Ireland vs Chile 4-1
England vs Australia 0-0
 Day's report: India beat Spain 3-0                                    Pool standings
  October 13, 2001
Pool B South Africa vs Korea 3-4
Netherland vs France 2-0
Pool D Germany vs Malaysia 2-1
New Zealand vs Argentina 0-3
 Day's report: India meet Argentina on Sunday            Pool standings
 Pools - Round 2
Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H
1st Pool A - Eng 2nd Pool A - Aus 3rd Pool A - Ire 4th Pool A - Chi
2nd Pool B - Kor 1st Pool B - Ned 4th Pool B - Fra 3rd Pool B - SA
2nd Pool C - Spa 1st Pool C - Ind 4th Pool C - Can 3rd Pool C - Sco
1st Pool D - Ger 2nd Pool D - Arg 3rd Pool D - NZ 4th Pool D - Mal
 October 14, 2001
Pool E England vs Korea 5-2
Germany vs Spain 2-1
Pool F India vs Argentina 2-2
Netherlands vs Australia 4-2
Pool G France vs Ireland 1-0
Canada vs New Zealand 2-1
Pool H South Africa vs Chile 3-2
Scotland vs Malaysia 1-1
 Day's report: Prodigal India held by Argentina
 October 15, 2001
Pool E England vs Spain 2-2
Pool F Australia vs India 2-1
Pool G Ireland vs Canada 2-1
Pool H Chile vs Scotland 2-3
 Day's report: India lose to Australia
 October 16, 2001
Pool H South Africa vs Malaysia 1-1
Pool F Argentina vs Netherlands 3-2
Pool G New Zealand vs France4-3
Pool E Germany vs Korea 7-3
 Day's report: Argentina shock Netherlands
 October 17, 2001
Pool E Korea vs Spain 4-2
Germany vs England 3-2
Pool F India vs Netherlands 4-3
Argentina vs Australia 2-1
Pool G France vs Canada 3-0
New Zealand vs Ireland 3-1
Pool H South Africa v Scotland 3-3
Malaysia vs Chile 3-1
 Day's report: India beat Holland to make semis                    Pool Standings
 Final Round
 October 19, 2001
9th-12th -- Match A France vs South Africa
* France defeated South Africa in
extra time with a Golden Goal
13th-16th -- Match C Ireland vs Chile 3-2
9th-12th -- Match B New Zealand vs Malaysia 3-2
13th-16th -- Match D Scotland vs Canada 3-0
Semi-final 1 India vs Germany 3-2
Semi-final 2 Argentina vs England 3-1
 Day's report: India beat Germany to enter final
 October 20, 2001
5th-8th -- Match F Australia vs Korea 4-1
5th-8th -- Match E Netherlands vs Spain 2-3
9th/10th France vs New Zealand 0-2
11th/12th South Africa vs Malaysia 7-5
13th/14th Ireland vs Scotland 2-3
15th-16th Chile vs Canada 2-1
 Day's report: Holland suffer further humiliation
 October 21, 2001
5th/6th Spain vs Australia 2-0
7th/8th Korea vs Netherlands 3-2
3rd/4th Germany vs England 5-1
Final India vs Argentina 6-1
 Day's report: India win junior hockey World Cup                     Final Positions
 Highest goal scorer: Deepak Thakur (India) - 10
 Player of the tournament: David Eakins (Ireland)
 Fair play trpohy: Netherlands

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