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Penalty goal gives Mexico victory
Cuauhtemoc Blanco netted from the spot in a 1-0 victory over Croatia in the opening match of group G.
Blanco Bliss - Images from the match

Coach Ramirez has done a fine job of forging Mexico into a plucky side.

Qualifying campaign
Semi-final round
W 1-0 Panama (a)
L 0-1 Trin & Tob (a)
W 2-0 Canada (h)
W 7-1 Panama (h)
W 7-0 Trin & Tob (h)
D 0-0 Canada (a)

Final round
L 2-0 USA (a)
W 4-0 Jamaica (h)
D 1-1 Trin & Tob (a)
L 1-2 Costa Rica (h)
L 1-3 Honduras (a)
W 1-0 USA (h)
W 2-1 Jamaica (a)
W 3-0 Trin & Tob (h)
D 0-0 Costa Rica (a)
W 3-0 Honduras (h)
With a 3-5-2 formation, the team's thrust lies in midfield. Organised and compact, Mexico play well within themselves. However, to make an impression, they will have to combine exceptionally.

They run into Italy, Croatia and Ecuador in the first round.

Oscar Cruz Azul Perez, Oswaldo Guadalajara Sanchez, Jorge Campos.

Francisco Gabrial De Anda, Manuel Vidrio, Salvador Carmona, Melvin Cruz Brown, Alberto Rodriguez.

Rafael Toluca Garcia, Rafael Marquez, Gerardo Torrado, Ramon Morales, Alberto Garcia Aspe, Braulio Luna, Sigifredo Mercado, German Villa, Joahan Rodriguez, Gabriel Caballero.

Jared Borgetti, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Luis Hernandez, Francisco Palencia, Jesus Arellano,

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  • Penalty goal gives Mexico victory


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