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   June 29, 2002 | 1645 IST


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Rivaldo says it could be his last Cup

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Brazil's Rivaldo said on Saturday that he may not play at the World Cup again.

"It's practically my last World Cup," said the 30-year-old Barcelona striker, who has scored five goals and is a contender to finish as both the tournament's top scorer and best player.

Rivaldo, playing his second World Cup, added that all players, no matter what their age, should treat the competition as their last.

"We have to look at it this way, not just the older players but the ones who are 23, 24 or 25. If they are thinking they're in their last World Cup, they have more chance of winning."

RivaldoHe added: "Four years is a long time and you never know what's going to happen. Maybe next time they (the younger players) won't be on form at the right moment and they will not take part again."

Rivaldo was at one stage thought to be in danger of missing the cup due to a knee injury while many Brazilian critics said he should not be picked because he saved his best for his Spanish club.


But the gangly, bow-legged forward has defied his critics and had an outstanding competition.

Rivaldo, who is one goal behind team-mate Ronaldo and alongside German striker Miroslav Klose, added that the prospect of finishing top scorer was a low priority.

"If I can score one or two goals in this game, excellent, but the most important thing is to be world champion," he said.

He added that Brazil were not focusing on any one German player.

"We have to focus on their group, not on one, two or three players.

"A lot of people pick out the goalkeeper but the goalkeeper is not going to score against us. We have to pick out the defenders, midfielders and attackers.

"They are very dangerous at corners and set pieces.

"We know it's a difficult game and we have to mark the Germans well and play as we have been playing," said Rivaldo.

"I believe we are better on the technical side and we can win the game. But they are very dangerous."

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