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   June 28, 2002 | 2300 IST
  Beautiful Game

20 reasons why the Cup confirmed the status of soccer.

The All-Stars
- The All-Stars
- Agony and

- Fan Fare

Moments of brilliance

  Cup at a Glance

The fastest goal, the player who got a red card without getting a touch and other useful trivia of the Cup.

  Soccer Shots

Prem Panicker and Chindu Sreedharan get drunk on soccer during the Eng v Arg match.


'We can't beat your history but we can beat you (Brazil)'
- Sol Campbell

  Best of the Web

A compilation of the best links on the World Cup.

Beautiful Game

20 reasons why the 2002 World Cup confirmed that Soccer is a 'Beautiful Game'.

Germany's bench exults 1 - The supremely gifted Brazilians. Makes us believe even
       God is Brazilian.

2 - For teaching us a lesson in geography. Senegal is
       located in West Africa.

3 - The hairdo stunt. If you can't make headlines with your
       feet, at least get a mug of your head in tomorrow's dailies.

4 - The goal celebration jig. Our favourite: Senegal's players        dancing around the jersey of goalscorer Pape Bouba
       Diop in a tribal dance-meets-line dance repertoire.

5 - The substitute's itch. Best exemplified by Nelson Cuevas, who warmed the bench for Mexico
       and netted goals after getting on to the pitch.

6 - "Er, how do I say, 'pass' in Swahili?" Winfried Schafer from Germany coached Cameroon and
       Cesare Maldini of Italy coached Paraguay. We all know how Japan and Korea got their act
       together with expat coaches.

Brazilian Fans 7 - The fans who made a style statement. The Brazilians
       wore a smile, the Koreans were sober in red.

8 - Japan and Korea. For teaching the Goliaths of soccer a

9 - You may have a ludicrous name, but you can still earn
       respect in soccer circles. Ask Damien Duff, Brian
       McBride, Eddie Pope and Nicky Butt.

10 - Ronaldinho. For outfoxing Seaman, then confounding
         the British press with his stunning free-kick goal. The
         official verdict of the British press: Speculative.

11 - Spirit of the jersey exchange, with the odd exception. After Rivaldo's play-acting
         against Turkey, there were no takers for his jersey No. 10.

12 - Off the touch line and gone! Dennis Rommedahl of Denmark runs 100m in 10.3 secs,
         Roberto Carlos of Brazil clocks 10.6 secs. What next, the Olympics?

13 - Looking West, representing the East, teaching the West. Ahn Jung-Hwan and Hidetoshi
         Nakata play in the Italian Serie A. Likewise, Inamoto plays in the English premiership and
         Seol Ki-Hyeon plays in the Belgian league.

14 - The monosyllabic reaction of South American commentators who rather than describe
         the goal, scream, "G-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-A-L." Enough said!

15 - The soccer wordsmith. 'Diving' is a sport and it's passť. The operative word is, 'simulation'.
         'Hacking' is geeky, 'upending' is cool!

16 - The symbolism of the Cup title - "We're kings!" No fancy pay cheque from FIFA.
          If your agent drives a hard bargain, you get rewarded with an obscene club transfer.

17 - African song. Nigeria and Cameroon were touted as the teams to watch out for;
         Senegal stole their thunder.

18 - 'I want to ride my bicycle.' Several players made audacious attempts on the goal with
         bicycle kicks. Most rode their luck, Edmilson and Wilmots scored.

19 - The refs. Maligned for errors in judgement, the Men in Black amused with their mannerisms.
         Our favourite: Ref Carlos Simon making the sign of the cross on blowing the final whistle after
         Mexico and Italy played out four minutes of injury time by mutual consent to advance to
         the knock-out stage.

20 - Brazil's hot spots. Their players attracted a crowd of defenders, their fans attracted
         the attention of the rest of the world.

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