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Best of the Cup
   July 1, 2002 | 2200 IST
  Beautiful Game

20 reasons why the Cup confirmed the status of soccer.

The All-Stars
- The All-Stars
- Agony and

- Fan Fare

Moments of brilliance

  Cup at a Glance

The fastest goal, the player who got a red card without getting a touch and other useful trivia of the Cup.

  Soccer Shots

Prem Panicker and Chindu Sreedharan get drunk on soccer during the Eng v Arg match.


'We can't beat your history but we can beat you (Brazil)'
- Sol Campbell

  Best of the Web

A compilation of the best links on the World Cup.


The World Cup is a grand stage, and the soccer community its characters. Every Cup has its dramatic moments, theatrics and amusing anecdotes. Here is a selection of the finest quotes of the World Cup.

It's Swede and Sour.
- Front-page headline in Britain's The Sun newspaper after England's 1-1 draw with Sweden.

Giovanni Trapattoni My heart is crying.
- Giovanni Trapattoni on Italy's defeat by South Korea.

The refereeing was shameful. I wonder whether now our directors shouldn't demand guarantees before agreeing on Italy taking part in international competitions.
- Former Italian president Francesco Cossiga on refereeing in
   the Italy v South Korea match.

'Daylight Robbery', 'The Crime of the Century', 'The Biggest Scandal in History', 'Pharaohic Robbery', 'The Putrid World Cup'.
- Spanish newspapers blast referees after Spain's controversial exit.

You were a crap player, you are a crap manager. The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are manager of my country and you're not even Irish, you English ****. You can stick it up your bollocks.
- Expelled Irish player, Roy Keane on his manager, Mick McCarthy.

They could play like free spirits and totally enjoy the game
- England midfielder Trevor Sinclair warns Nigeria will be a tough nut to crack.

They were happy with the pictures, but they couldn't understand any of the commentary
- Tajik television salesman says local fans watch matches on foreign channels as their country
   had no broadcasting rights for the Cup.

Spain's coach Jose Antonio Camacho The results will spread by word of mouth.
- US-based businessman David Lim on how the Cup news
   will be broadcast from South Korea to the North.

We weren't lucky. It's the Irish who have a flower in their arses! What the referee did makes you want to kill him. He crushed us. And as for the linesman - he's got a spring-loaded arm.
- Manager Jose Antonio Camacho after Spain beat Ireland.

We know we are capable of winning the World Cup. We have a remarkable team with fantastic players in every position.
- French midfielder, Patrick Vieira fancies France's chances before the Cup.

We're lacking a leader, a voice on the field. Oliver Kahn is a world class player but he's too far away in goal to sort things out.
- German legend Franz Beckenbauer sizes up the German squad.

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It's not necessarily the best team which wins. If it were then Brazil would have won the World Cup 14 times.
- German coach Rudi Voller responding to criticism of his finalists.



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