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Schedule - Athletics

Note: Timings are as per schedule at Athens. Add 2.30 hours to convert to IST.

18 August 2004
Women's Shot Put Qualifying Rounds08:30 - 09:30Ancient Stadium, Olympia
Men's Shot Put Qualifying Rounds10:00 - 11:10Ancient Stadium, Olympia
Women's Shot Put Final16:00 - 17:00Ancient Stadium, Olympia
Men's Shot Put Final17:30 - 18:45Ancient Stadium, Olympia

20 August 2004
Men's 20km Race Walk09:00 - 10:40Olympic Stadium
Men's Hammer Throw Qualifying Rounds09:15 - 10:15Olympic Stadium
Women's Heptathlon 100m Hurdles09:30 - 09:54Olympic Stadium
Men's Triple Jump Qualifying Rounds09:55 - 11:25Olympic Stadium
Women's Heptathlon High Jump10:40 - 12:10Olympic Stadium
Men's Hammer Throw Qualifying Rounds10:45 - 11:45Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Round 110:50 - 11:47Olympic Stadium
Women's Heptathlon Shot Put19:30 - 20:20Olympic Stadium
Men's 1500m Round 119:35 - 19:56Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Round 220:05 - 20:38Olympic Stadium
Men's High Jump Qualifying Rounds20:20 - 22:00Olympic Stadium
Men's 20km Race Walk Medal Ceremony20:39 - 20:45Olympic Stadium
Women's Heptathlon 200m20:50 - 21:11Olympic Stadium
Women's Shot Put Medal Ceremony21:11 - 21:17Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Round 121:20 - 21:52Olympic Stadium
Women's Discus Throw Qualifying Rounds21:30 - 22:20Olympic Stadium
Men's Shot Put Medal Ceremony21:52 - 21:58Olympic Stadium
Women's 800m Round 122:00 - 22:32Olympic Stadium
Men's 10000m Final22:35 - 23:10Olympic Stadium
Women's Discus Throw Qualifying Rounds22:50 - 23:40Olympic Stadium
Women's 5000m Round 123:15 - 23:57Olympic Stadium

21 August 2004
Men's Discus Throw Qualifying Rounds09:00 - 10:00Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Hurdles Round 109:05 - 09:36Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Round 109:45 - 10:24Olympic Stadium
Women's Heptathlon Long Jump10:00 - 11:00Olympic Stadium
Men's Discus Throw Qualifying Rounds10:30 - 11:30Olympic Stadium

22 August 2004
Women's Wheelchair 800m20:45 - 20:49Olympic Stadium
Men's 100m Semifinals20:55 - 21:05Olympic Stadium
Women's Discus Throw Medal Ceremony21:05 - 21:11Olympic Stadium
Men's Hammer Throw Final21:15 - 22:45Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Hurdles Semifinals21:20 - 21:37Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Medal Ceremony21:37 - 21:43Olympic Stadium
Men's 1500m Semifinals21:50 - 22:03Olympic Stadium
Men's Wheelchair 1500m Medal Ceremony22:03 - 22:09Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Semifinals22:15 - 22:32Olympic Stadium
Women's Wheelchair 800m Medal Ceremony22:32 - 22:38Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Hurdles Round 222:40 - 22:56Olympic Stadium
Men's Triple Jump Medal Ceremony22:56 - 23:02Olympic Stadium
Men's 100m Final23:10 - 23:14Olympic Stadium

23 August 2004
Women's 20km Race Walk09:00 - 10:55Olympic Stadium
Women's Hammer Throw Qualifying Rounds09:10 - 10:05Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon 100m09:15 - 09:39Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Long Jump10:15 - 11:15Olympic Stadium
Women's Hammer Throw Qualifying Rounds10:40 - 11:35Olympic Stadium
Women's 200m Round 111:00 - 11:39Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Shot Put12:10 - 13:05Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon High Jump18:30 - 20:00Olympic Stadium
Women's Marathon Medal Ceremony18:31 - 18:37Olympic Stadium
Women's Triple Jump Final18:45 - 20:30Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Hurdles Semifinals19:00 - 19:11Olympic Stadium
Men's High Jump Medal Ceremony19:11 - 19:17Olympic Stadium
Men's Hammer Throw Medal Ceremony19:19 - 19:25Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Hurdles Round 119:30 - 20:08Olympic Stadium
Women's 20km Race Walk Medal Ceremony20:08 - 20:14Olympic Stadium
Men's Discus Throw Final20:20 - 21:50Olympic Stadium
Women's 200m Round 220:25 - 20:45Olympic Stadium
Men's 100m Medal Ceremony20:45 - 20:51Olympic Stadium
Women's 800m Final20:55 - 21:00Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Final21:05 - 21:09Olympic Stadium
Women's Triple Jump Medal Ceremony21:09 - 21:15Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon 400m21:20 - 21:41Olympic Stadium
Women's 800m Medal Ceremony21:41 - 21:47Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Medal Ceremony21:48 - 21:54Olympic Stadium
Women's 5000m Final22:00 - 22:20Olympic Stadium

24 August 2004
Men's Decathlon 110m Hurdles09:00 - 09:24Olympic Stadium
Men's 110m Hurdles Round 109:35 - 10:13Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Discus Throw10:00 - 11:00Olympic Stadium
Men's 200m Round 110:20 - 10:59Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Discus Throw11:30 - 12:30Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Pole Vault13:00 - 14:30Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw19:30 - 20:20Olympic Stadium
Men's Long Jump Qualifying Rounds19:45 - 21:00Olympic Stadium
Men's 200m Round 220:00 - 20:24Olympic Stadium
Women's 1500m Round 120:30 - 20:51Olympic Stadium
Women's Pole Vault Final20:55 - 23:30Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Javelin Throw21:00 - 21:50Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Hurdles Semifinals21:05 - 21:24Olympic Stadium
Men's Discus Throw Medal Ceremony21:26 - 21:32Olympic Stadium
Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final21:40 - 21:55Olympic Stadium
Women's 200m Semifinals22:05 - 22:16Olympic Stadium
Women's 5000m Medal Ceremony22:17 - 22:23Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Hurdles Final22:30 - 22:33Olympic Stadium
Men's 3000m Steeplechase Medal Ceremony22:35 - 22:41Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Final22:50 - 22:54Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon 1500m Final23:05 - 23:18Olympic Stadium
Women's 100m Hurdles Medal Ceremony23:20 - 23:26Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Medal Ceremony23:28 - 23:34Olympic Stadium
Men's 1500m Final23:40 - 23:45Olympic Stadium

25 August 2004
Women's Javelin Throw Qualifying Rounds19:00 - 19:55Olympic Stadium
Men's Pole Vault Qualifying Rounds19:15 - 21:15Olympic Stadium
Men's 5000m Round 119:55 - 20:49Olympic Stadium
Women's Javelin Throw Qualifying Rounds20:25 - 21:20Olympic Stadium
Women's Pole Vault Medal Ceremony20:51 - 20:57Olympic Stadium
Men's 800m Round 121:00 - 21:45Olympic Stadium
Women's Long Jump Qualifying Rounds21:20 - 22:20Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Hurdles Final21:55 - 21:59Olympic Stadium
Men's Decathlon Medal Ceremony22:00 - 22:06Olympic Stadium
Women's Hammer Throw Final22:10 - 23:30Olympic Stadium
Men's 110m Hurdles Round 222:15 - 22:39Olympic Stadium
Men's 1500m Medal Ceremony22:39 - 22:45Olympic Stadium
Men's 200m Semifinals22:50 - 23:01Olympic Stadium
Women's 400m Hurdles Medal Ceremony23:03 - 23:09Olympic Stadium
Women's 200m Final23:20 - 23:23Olympic Stadium

26 August 2004
Women's High Jump Qualifying Rounds20:00 - 21:30Olympic Stadium
Men's Long Jump Final20:20 - 22:05Olympic Stadium
Men's Javelin Throw Qualifying Rounds20:25 - 21:15Olympic Stadium
Women's 1500m Semifinals20:30 - 20:47Olympic Stadium
Women's Hammer Throw Medal Ceremony20:48 - 20:54Olympic Stadium
Men's 110m Hurdles Semifinals21:00 - 21:12Olympic Stadium
Men's 800m Semifinals21:25 - 21:47Olympic Stadium
Men's Javelin Throw Qualifying Rounds21:50 - 22:40Olympic Stadium
Women's 4 x 100m Relay Round 122:00 - 22:12Olympic Stadium
Women's 200m Medal Ceremony22:15 - 22:21Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Hurdles Final22:30 - 22:33Olympic Stadium
Men's Long Jump Medal Ceremony22:35 - 22:41Olympic Stadium
Men's 200m Final22:50 - 22:53Olympic Stadium
Men's 400m Hurdles Medal Ceremony22:55 - 23:01Olympic Stadium

27 August 2004
Men's 50km Race Walk07:00 - 11:20Olympic Stadium
Men's Pole Vault Final20:00 - 22:15Olympic Stadium
Women's Long Jump Final20:05 - 21:30Olympic Stadium
Men's 4 x 100m Relay Round 120:10 - 20:22Olympic Stadium
Men's 50km Race Walk Medal Ceremony20:22 - 20:28Olympic Stadium
Women's 4 x 400m Relay Round 120:35 - 20:49Olympic Stadium
Women's Javelin Throw Final20:55 - 22:25Olympic Stadium
Men's 4 x 400m Relay Round 121:00 - 21:14Olympic Stadium
Men's 110m Hurdles Final21:30 - 21:33Olympic Stadium
Men's 200m Medal Ceremony21:35 - 21:41Olympic Stadium
Women's 10000m Final21:50 - 22:25Olympic Stadium
Men's 110m Hurdles Medal Ceremony22:25 - 22:31Olympic Stadium
Women's Long Jump Medal Ceremony22:33 - 22:39Olympic Stadium
Women's 4 x 100m Relay Final22:45 - 22:48Olympic Stadium
Men's Pole Vault Medal Ceremony22:49 - 22:55Olympic Stadium
Women's Javelin Throw Medal Ceremony22:56 - 23:02Olympic Stadium

28 August 2004
Women's High Jump Final20:00 - 22:00Olympic Stadium
Women's 10000m Medal Ceremony20:08 - 20:14Olympic Stadium
Women's 4 x 100m Relay Medal Ceremony20:15 - 20:25Olympic Stadium
Women's 1500m Final20:30 - 20:35Olympic Stadium
Men's Javelin Throw Final20:40 - 22:10Olympic Stadium
Men's 800m Final20:50 - 20:54Olympic Stadium
Men's 5000m Final21:05 - 21:20Olympic Stadium
Women's 1500m Medal Ceremony21:22 - 21:28Olympic Stadium
Men's 800m Medal Ceremony21:29 - 21:35Olympic Stadium
Men's 4 x 100m Relay Final21:45 - 21:48Olympic Stadium
Men's 5000m Medal Ceremony21:49 - 21:55Olympic Stadium
Women's 4 x 400m Relay Final22:00 - 22:04Olympic Stadium
Men's 4 x 100m Relay Medal Ceremony22:10 - 22:20Olympic Stadium
Men's 4 x 400m Relay Final22:25 - 22:29Olympic Stadium
Women's High Jump Medal Ceremony22:30 - 22:36Olympic Stadium
Men's Javelin Throw Medal Ceremony22:37 - 22:43Olympic Stadium
Women's 4 x 400m Relay Medal Ceremony22:44 - 22:54Olympic Stadium
Men's 4 x 400m Relay Medal Ceremony22:55 - 23:05Olympic Stadium

29 August 2004
Men's Marathon18:00 - 21:15Panathinaiko Stadium
Men's Marathon Medal Ceremony21:45 - 21:52Olympic Stadium


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