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'Alonso needs an engine failure'

May 11, 2006 17:06 IST

It's a good time to be backing Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, as the German picked up his second consecutive win at the European Grand Prix on Sunday.

Therefore, on Monday, the rediff F1 chat was flooded by enthused Schumi fans celebrating the Ferrari resurgence with Raja Sen and Sumit Rajwade. Here's what went on in the chat:

Raja Sen says,Hi everyone!! Hope you all watched the awesome race yesterday! I know I'm dying to talk about it, so lets go!

Vik asked,so guys what do you say... Spain next.... Alonso's Home ground... or schumi is going to make Hatrick
Raja Sen answers,honestly, I don't think home ground is going to make a huge difference.. the ferrari is resurgent, and the bridgestones are enjoying a great run.. with the track temperatures being as high in Spain, I think Michael will go into the race as the favourite.

Loks asked,Hi, Is Kimi not doing well or the rest are doing better than him?
Raja Sen answers,Hi.. as of right now, he needs a couple of wins -- and he isn't looking good enough.

Parimal asked,will shumi win 8 th championship at the end of this year
Raja Sen answers,million dollar question, parimal. but after seeing him race so phenomenally yesterday, I'm sure Alonso must be pretty worried.

kalyan asked,Schumi is back yaar
Raja Sen answers,Oh yeah.

vijay asked,hi guys is it gonna be the red team all the way this season??
Raja Sen answers,It's hard to say. The European Grand Prix showed a big advantage towards the bridgestone-runners, but the other circuits might not be similar.

Satish asked,Kimi is much better than his's just that he has a bad car
Raja Sen answers,that's true. the mclaren is turning into quite a joke.

sachina asked,which is the best car in the formula 1 now?
Raja Sen answers,good question. the renault is definitely the best starter, with instant acceleration. in terms of straightline speed, the ferrari now seems to be matching it quite closely. then again, by the end of yesterday's race, the mclaren was lapping real quick too. so it's pretty tight this year :)

Praveen asked,When Schumi, Alonso and Kimi are given the same car with same setup whom do think will be the fastest?
Raja Sen answers,That depends on which driver the setup suits ;) Okay, assuming you mean it's neutral for all three of them, I'll still go for MS.

sal asked,hi all, the 2006 season's shaping up to be a real killer!
Raja Sen answers,yeah, it seemed like a slow-starter but things just kept hotting up. Now we might actually see a dogfight for the World Championship.

Rajat asked,as massa also got a podium finish this time, dont you think that Ferrari has got in it what it take to be chap again?
Raja Sen answers,I think Massa's performance was great. If he stays as consistent as he was yesterday, the Constructor's Championship is Ferrari's!

speedking asked,alonso has a new car. still he has not been able 2 beat schumi. what can alonso do now?
Raja Sen answers,actually, both alonso and schumi were driving the same car they drove in the San Marino grand prix.

Satish asked,Schumi is great...he runs equally for the title along with Alonso.....but Alonso's advantage is his car which I feel is better than Ferrari's
Raja Sen answers,well, Alonso's car did seem faster initially, but the Ferrari seems to have caught up rather well. Let's wait and watch.

mohit asked,what is the probability of Juan Pablo Montoya making it to the podium in spain?
Raja Sen answers,very slim. Juan pablo Montoya is turning into a collossal disappointment.

deven asked,montoya has forgotten driving. he is not what he used to be two years back
Raja Sen answers,very true. he was heralded as an upcoming champ once, but that form is long gone. he still doesn't have a team for next season.

Ratzenberger asked,One race, ok two, and you guys are already sounding the alarm bells?
Raja Sen answers,alarm bells for renault? well, ferrari's looking good. and the lead is slimming down. If Fernando has one engine failure or a crash, the race is ON!

manoj asked,The launch control of the renaults dont look magnificent any more. The ferraris seem to match them...atleast in yesterday's start. Infact Massa got the best start off the line. Am I correct or is the Renault launch control still up there?
Raja Sen answers,Yes, Massa got a great start. But the Renaults are still strong -- or at least Alonso's car seems strong. The Renaults launch control is what keeps its nose clean going into turn one, preventing the cars next door from taking a look down the inside.

deven asked,hey did you read in times of india about renault tapping ferrari's team radio?
Raja Sen answers,don't believe everything you read everywhere ;) there are loads of rumours in Formula One.

letsask asked,hey what do u think abt narains chances to a return as williams is now showing grea improvements in its car..... the contribution from narain being as a test driver!!!
Raja Sen answers,well, the driver scenario is getting even more competitive right now. I honestly won't bet on seeing NK on the circuit next year. But we can all hope..

Rahul asked,I would like to have ur opinion about Nico. To me the guy looks like a real ripper. He is going to set F1 on fire as the season progresses
Raja Sen answers,Nico rocks. This youngster is showing amazing natural skill and driving finesse at an incredibly premature age, with a struggling team. Give him a little while, and he'll be right up there. He sure has the potential.

Suresh asked,Is this points system fair.. Despite two consecutive wins Schumi is not able to close in on Alonso.. I think only if Alonso fails to finish once, Schumi can close in.. Do u think Schumi can come closer with just better finishes than Alonso?
Raja Sen answers,the points system rewards consistency. Kimi won more races last year, but Alonso picked up the title. This year, Michael will have to keep gunning away, and waiting for Alonso to make a mistake.

Suresh asked,Alonso is getting better results just because of his car.. On pure driving talent, I would have the ranking as Schumi, Kimi and then Alonso.. What do u say ?
Raja Sen answers,That would be my call as well, suresh, but Alonso's looking flawless currently, and Kimi's, well, not.

Ratzenberger asked,a 13-point lead... one bad finish for the reds, and they'll go plummetting. The Renaults, at least Alonso, have been consistent. as you admitted, get out of europe and its a different ball game. So, dear, dear Sen, how is it game on?
Raja Sen answers,there's a LOT of europe left, my good man.

Martin asked,Will Schumi be back ???
Raja Sen answers,Isn't he already?

manojb asked,Hope the red Ferraris can tame the Spanish Bull in Barcelona
Raja Sen answers,yeah, Barcelona's a good track, but on current form, the Bridgestones might be a better bet for the race. MS definitely has the edge going into Alonso's home ground.

Suresh asked,@ForzaFerrari.. very true... I feel Alonso is lucky with consecutive finishes and no crash-outs... Time will tell !
Raja Sen answers,one blown-engine from Alonso and the World Championship is wide open! Heck, maybe a Kimi win to make it even hotter!

msfan asked,michael is back and he will be the champion this year no doubt about it....but the most interesting aspect is that we have real future michael in making that is alonso superb balance, temprament aggression makes him michael of the future.. no doubt abt it toooo.
Raja Sen answers,Alonso is great, but he seems a little frustrated right now. Let us see how he deals with the increasing pressure as the season goes on.

max asked,do u think ferrari s engine reliabilty issues have been sorted out
Raja Sen answers,well, max, one can sure hope so. Michael's race-old car was jaw-droppingly fast yesterday, so the reds might well be back in business.

sal asked,no offence meant here loks. just that i feel ferrari are still a bit behind on pure race pace.
Raja Sen answers,I thought that too, Sal, but the lap times throughout this weekend have proved us wrong. The Ferraris were miles ahead in free practice, qualified just-heavier than the renault, didn't let it pull away, and then scorched during the race. I don't think it's 'behind' anymore, do you?

balakumar asked,Where is Kimi going next year? I heard he's going to Ferrari and other rumors that kimi his making his way to Renault. Which is true? Or Is this just a rumour?
Raja Sen answers,so far Ferrari looks like the strongest rumour. wouldn't that be amazing?

rahulanand asked,hi there I saw the podium pic put up at whereby a sad and servile alonso was almost looking beleaguered by the scarlet clad schumi, massa and ross... i guess deep down inside Alonso has realised that the empire is striking back..... whwat are your comments?
Raja Sen answers,:) Yeah, Alonso looked devastated. Not even a sporting smile from the Spaniard, which is what is making me question his ability to enjoy the sport and soak up the long-term pressure.

jude asked,Hi everybody, See next race. Our Kimi will prove his strength. Mclaren will dominate the podium next time. Sure!!!
Raja Sen answers,Jude, it'd be great if Kimi wins a couple of races. But McLaren dominating the podium would mean Juan Pablo finishing in the top three, and that's (hahahahahahaha) not happening.

Rushab asked,Hello Guys, Dont you think its better for Mclaren to keep Kimi and show the door to Juan Paolo Monotoya ??
Raja Sen answers,Oh, JPM isn't going to be in McLaren next year. His most likely contract will be with Red Bull.

vishal asked,Can Michael be able to do it the 8th time this year? Will he be the Champ again?
Raja Sen answers,Can he do it? Yes. Will he? Let's wait and watch.

abhi asked,why mclaren lacking in pace is it like rule change, i.e., v10 to v8,because last year they were very strong with u think next year or later this year they can come back with strong v8
Raja Sen answers,McLaren can fight back, as they have shown in the latter halves of several recent seasons. But both their drivers seem to be struggling.

Elvenstone asked,Does everyone think that it would be good for Kimi to go to Ferrari? He may be forced to play second fiddle to Michael?
Raja Sen answers,Kimi and Michael in the same team sounds too good to be true.. I think they'll be looking at a passing-on-the-gauntlet season, though, and will let both drivers fight for it.

rahulanand asked,and you know in one of the press conferences schumi had vowed to make it(winning the race) difficult for alonso... i guess when the man says something he really means it....and i guess that schumi was even more charged after hearing alonso's immature comments after imola
Raja Sen answers,yeah, I think MS believes in letting his races speak, rather than press conferences.

SKA asked,@raja sen For the first time Michelin is under pressure and they admitted that they bought the wrong compound to Nurburgring. Now Michelin have a home race, do you think Michelin will help Renault?
Raja Sen answers,Well, Michelin will definitely be working hard to claw back the advantage the bridgestones have built up. But right now, the Bridgestones seem a better bet for Europe.

SKA asked,@ Raja Sen The straight line speed of Ferrari has been awesome. Considering that Spain has the longest straight stretch, dont you think it is advantage Ferrari?
Raja Sen answers,I sure do :)

SHIRISH asked,MS will surely retire if he wins this title....what do u say
Raja Sen answers,he might.. but he looks like he's really enjoying himself on the tracks. so I won't bet on it. yesterday's race wasn't driven by a man eager to retire.

RamS asked,The critical factor over last year and this year has been reliability. Ferrari, once known for it, suffered last year and in the starting phases this year. Renault on the other hand has been exemplary. Hence last weekend at Neurburgring assumes significance, in that Ferrari on a race old engine proved not only reliable but also superior in handling and speed. Are we finally seeing chinks in the Renault reliability or is the driver finally cracking under the attack from the German supremo..?? By the way, I loved the way Schumi worked on his car, saving/nurturing the engine and tyres between 1st and 2nd pitstop to mount his assault for the super quick laps before the last pitstop and it paid off.. way to go Schumi..!!
Raja Sen answers,The Renault didn't falter, the Ferrari just seemed far better handled. And yes, some of that credit must go to the driver !

kalaga asked,With McLaren making a come back in the second phase of the Championship in year 2005 will the history repeat again???
Raja Sen answers,with the way JPM is driving, I don't think the Constructor's will be within reach. lets see what kimi can do.. but raikonnen too is dropping out of contention.

Abhay asked,way Alonso has taken yesterday loss Do you think he is not enjoying his race & he is not a good sport person like MS who dlet his car speak for him
Raja Sen answers,I was disheartened to see Alonso so surly on the podium. But he is a kid, lets not be too harsh.

SKA asked,@Raja Sen Ferrai is looking at 2006 as a development year, with incremental changes to boost performance. They also have a seamless gear to introduce that will aid the speed. Ferrai will be a bigger force in 07
Raja Sen answers,Definitely. Ferrari's fighting hard this season just to ensure overwhelming domination in 2007.

Rahul K asked,@ Raja. Ur opinion about Jenson please
Raja Sen answers,I think he showed fine potential last year, but now it's almost decided that he doesn't have what it takes to mix it up with the big boys. A very average racer.

RamS asked,@Raja: Well the renault handling over the kerbs was definitely worse.. compared to their own standards.. some of it can be attributed to driver skill.. but i cant believe Alonso lost it all suddenly in one weekend.. my guess they got the setup in the mid stint wrong.. it was woefully all over the place on cornering.. but yes, alonso suddenly seems to be more msitake-prone in face of schumi pressure..:-))
Raja Sen answers,all I'm saying is that Fernando Alonso suddenly isn't 'looking' like a World Champion.

balakumar asked,@ Dhivyya I think Ferrari and Schumi are the King of PitStops Strategies......I think u are new to the F1 world. Am i right?
Raja Sen answers,yeah the jean todt-ross brawn-schumacher combo is invincible. But Renault has been doing an admirable job of late.

SHIRISH asked,hey...what about barichello...he just seems to be completely lost
Raja Sen answers,he is. I don't think he should even get a drive next year. his performance is abysmal.

CoolBlue asked,Raja, do you think that Renault will overcome this slump???
Raja Sen answers,Slump????? They're leading the Championships, constantly finishing among the points. Where's the SLUMP?

zaki asked,do you the statement given by alonso saying that he has saved his car for Barcelona is Justified., when he is losing a point to his nearest rival
Raja Sen answers,excuses, excuses. he had no answer to MS yesterday, and wasn't too far from being reeled in by Massa.

Ratzenberger asked,Seeing the way this chat session has gone: Formula 1 in India now is like what EPL used to be a couple of years ago -- all about one red team. While the entry of a blue team has changed things about how we see the EPL, the same, sadly, cannot be said about F1.
Raja Sen answers,Not true. I think there are a lot of McLaren fans and Renault supporters out there. There's a big anti-MS&Ferrari group simply because he's a 7-time champ.

CoolBlue asked,wht do u think about fisi???
Raja Sen answers,I think he used to have great potential, but now he seems increasingly like a spent force, with a rare, occasional burst of fire.. but the rest of the time, he disappoints. especially compared to his teammate.

Suresh asked,@ Raja Sen... McLaren and Ron Dennis were great at pitstops when Mika was there... Nowadays they dont really have the chance to use their strategies cos their first concern is reliabilty !
Raja Sen answers,Very true. The Mika and Michael rivalry used to be spellbinding. Now Ron Dennis and the pit-crew is hardly a concern when the cars can't make it through a race distance.

Sumit Rajwade says,Hi! Guys .. sorry for being late. I will try and answer a few in the remaining time

sal asked,i firmly believe that F1 teams should have one clear no.1 driver. i think Mclaren's royally screwing up by going for 2 high calibre drivers. what do u think?
Raja Sen answers,well, it's the team's prerogative. but McLaren's last championships were won with Mika and David in a clear no1 and no2 driver fashion.

zaki asked,Whom do you think the real threat in terms of driver could be the nearest one to challenge to Micheal is it., Alonso or Kimi
Raja Sen answers,Alonso, simply based on consistency. Kimi might be a *faster* driver, though.

Rahul K asked,@Raja - Do you think williams messed it up slightly when u decided to put Nico on a 2 stop strategy? I mean he pitted on the 33rd lap. He could have easily gone to 60 with a single stop
Raja Sen answers,yeah, the second pitstop was inexplicable! Really!

Ratzenberger asked,What exactly has happened to Juan Pablo? Till a couple of years ago, POTENTIAL was dripping from every orifice of his body. what went wrong?
Raja Sen answers,True, he was a definite frontline challenger. And now he's nowhere to be seen. It's quite sad. Perhaps it's the Ron Dennis effect on immature drivers? ;)

Rahul K asked,@Sumit - Do you think williams messed it up slightly when they decided to put Nico on a 2 stop strategy? I mean he pitted on the 33rd lap. He could have easily gone to 60 with a single stop
Sumit Rajwade answers,Well .. If you want your car to run faster, you should be light on fuel .. They did give a good chance to Nico by pitting him on 33rd lap , but it seems they messed it up in the strategy to push him out in a good position and fuel .. happens!

Carlito asked,Hey Mr. Raja, Don't you think that Ferrari is winning just because of their HUGE BUDGET?
Raja Sen answers,but Ferrari isn't winning, Carlito. Let them lead the championships first. But sure, the money can't hurt.

gitu asked,@Sumit With narain as a test driver for BMW there any chances tht we will get to see him during the friday practice sessions??
Sumit Rajwade answers,You might. But don't have high hopes

manojb asked,@Raja : In my views, Christijan Albers is an amazing driver...all he needs is a switch to a better team. He drove very well for Minardi last year...pretty much the way alonso did when he was driving for them. Talking about Minardi drivers, Jos the boss was one of my favorites
Raja Sen answers,:D Jos rocked, even in the Orange Arrows. Albers is pretty quick, but I'll reserve judgement on the word 'amazing' for a couple more races, okay?

SKA asked,@ Raja Sen Jean Todt will be taking a good look at Nico. He could drive for Ferrari in about 3 years?
Raja Sen answers,maybe even 2 years. :)

Abhay asked,Do you think Ruben has got his (bad)luck with him to his new team in a sense his pit crew manages his car (in San Marino)
Sumit Rajwade answers,Thats 1 bit of the bad luck. But can you see the way he is driving. Its slow. By far for any car any standard fro him, its slow. He needs to be more aggresive on turns.

Dhivya asked,Do you guys think Nico Rosberg is a driver to watch out for in the future? I thought he had a great race yesterday.
Sumit Rajwade answers,100% -- He has everything an F1 driver needs. And the best thing I think about him is he will be a car independent driver -- one who will have his own style and aggression of driving.

Ratzenberger asked,Yeah zaki, the way things are now, only an Isle of Man TT kind of race can liven up racing... But actually, Sen and Rajawade, how will a Isle of Man like thing work with the F1 cars (with the obviuos tweaks)
Raja Sen answers,hehehe.. a wee bit too impractical, despite tweaking, don't you think?.. but they did draw up plans for a London grand prix (a la Monaco) a couple of seasons ago, and there are reports that the project be reconsidered..

CoolBlue asked,Hi Sumit...whats happening to kimmi??? is it a car problem or something else???
Sumit Rajwade answers,Well he did not burn out or something. Just watch at what positions he is beginning the race. I think to the best of my judgement, he is driving a car heavy on fuel - so can not show his original style of Speed.

gitu asked,@Raja Sen - Any idea about wht happened to former champion Davaid coulthard??
Raja Sen answers,gitu, David Coulthard was NEVER ever close to being a champion.. and he remains completely out of contention.

SKA asked,@Raja Sen Do you think Renault turning down the revs of the car was conservative? Considering the Spain is hard track, Renault may have an engine reliability issue?
Raja Sen answers,lets keep our fingers crossed. for the championship's sake, I'd love to see a smoking Renault grinding to a halt in Barcelona :)

Carlito asked, I think that with their limited budget(as compared to ferrari), Renault is a much better Team than ferrari.. RENAULT RULZZZZZZZZZZZ ... What do you think??
Sumit Rajwade answers,Don't write off Ferrari so easily. They are the ones who has mastered the pit stop strategy - VV Imp for 70% races in F1. And we saw their touch in past 2 races. One as a chase, other as a lead.

Prince asked,Thats not very sporting Raja
Raja Sen answers,well, after what happened to Kimi last season, all we can hope for is a really close fight this time around.

CoolBlue asked,Agreed....... but even last year he was starting races way down the order..... and used to come up on top??????
Sumit Rajwade answers,Can someone answer, if he is fast, why is he not in top 5 spots at the beginning of the race?

Satish asked,Rossi can make any bike run faster than the others but F1 is a different ball game...with no practice at all, he should be really gifted to make a mark.
Raja Sen answers,I agree that he's a novice, but then think of Damon Hill. and Rossi's not just good with some bikes, he's been incredible at every level. He might just have what it takes..

RamS asked,rossi is a great match performer.. his temperament in racing and startegies is brilliant.. but the key question here is will he be able to shift into a car and still drive the wheels off it..?? schumi said that he can do it.. and hes one good judge of racing mettle.. plus a great judge of the ferrari car that rossi tested.. he might be good but i guess it will take 2-3 yrs to really belong.. wont be a quick transition..
Raja Sen answers,true, it will really take a while. I guess he's an option only if Schumi stays, Kimi declines, and they need a No2 driver if Massa moves -- to Renault??

Carlito asked,Hey Raja dude, Ranault will not grind to a hault in Barcelona .... WE WILL WIN... RENAULT RULEZZ!!
Raja Sen answers,:D am glad the race is just six days away! can't wait!

soumitra asked,Do you really think with Alonso dropping minimal points can Ferrari outwin Renault in both constructor and driver championships.
Raja Sen answers,I think if Massa continues to stay up there, then Ferrari can make a realistic bid for the constructor's title, sure. The Driver's Championship will be much harder -- but then we know MS isn't going to back down from a tough fight.

SKA asked,@Raja Sen For the first time Alonso will have to take heat and pressure from a dominant Michael. His nervous twitch at the start nearly stalled the grid. do you think Alonso could crumble under pressure?
Raja Sen answers,I think he just might. Let's wait and watch. Another niggle in Barcelona and he could kiss his title defense goodbye.

Raikko asked,@ raja..this is one of the most exciting season ever.,..but i only miss kimi overtaking..
Raja Sen answers,I agree with you completely, man. but then he made a good move on Button yesterday :)

RamS asked,i truly think.. after schumi.. kimi is probably the only driver who can make even an average car win races.. ie driver skill complements and sometimes even overpowers a bad setup/car.. alonso is only as good as the car hes driving.. not an extraordinary driver.. good but not great.. do u agree..??
Raja Sen answers,I think Kimi can drive a car faster than it's built to be driven, sure, but Alonso is showing far more consistent driving skills. But yeah, Kimi in a great car would make for a superb display.

gitu asked,@Sumit - About the new rules that have been intoduced to 2006 qualifying session??Do u think tht has increased the curiosity or has it made anything more intresting
Sumit Rajwade answers,Well .. hard on machines as I can put it. But this makes the race a better race for the people who have mastered the art of keeping it away from burning :-)

Raikko asked,@ raja....that was the only time he was competitive...but i think..he was 3 laps late on massa...3 more laps..he wud have been on the podium
Raja Sen answers,then again, 3 more laps and massa could have caught Alonso ;)

zaki asked,Though i was a kid when Arton Seinna Died, is there any comparision between Micheal and the great., it looks to be like Rocky and his junior
Raja Sen answers,lets not get into this debate. personally, I always preferred Prost to Senna. and MS above all.

Prince asked,I don't know why Indian F1 fans don't like Alonso! He is the smartest, most intelligient driver of all, he thinks while he drives. Not many people can do that. At least he is not like Kimi Raikkonen who posts fastest lap in the last lap of the race, pushes marshalls, throws helmets. Atleast Alonso is level headed
Sumit Rajwade answers,Put it this way. Nobody hates Alonso in India. But there is something in his driving art, which does not (may be) excites an Indian viewer.

Prince asked,I don't know why Indian F1 fans don't like Alonso! He is the smartest, most intelligient driver of all, he thinks while he drives. Not many people can do that. At least he is not like Kimi Raikkonen who posts fastest lap in the last lap of the race, pushes marshalls, throws helmets. Atleast Alonso is level headed
Raja Sen answers,prince, they ALL have to think while they drive. else it would be a fatal bloodbath :)

Raikko asked,@raja sen...and 2 more laps...raikko wud have galloped alonso.. [;)] it calls for another round of racing..:p
Raja Sen answers,maybe barcelona then.

SKA asked,@Raja Sen I enjoyed this convesation. My email id is Perhaps we could exchange mails to share our common passion. cheers
Raja Sen answers,me too. sure but why don't you write in to ? then we can feature your posts on the f1 blog!

Raikko asked,@ raja...why mclaren are using big fuel load? i think it is to keep the car stable...and handle properly...i think thatz their main concern..
Raja Sen answers,I think the cars aren't fast enough for flat-out overtaking, which is why they're relying on heavier cars to try and make up places..

Raikko asked,@ raja sen...hope u'd enjoy the next round at me...and hope kimi wud kick some michael bumper [arse] .. :))
Raja Sen answers,Yeah, lets hope Barcelona rocks!

SKA asked,@paritosh Michael wins Formula 1 : 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and now 2006!
Raja Sen answers,hehehe. :D

Raja Sen answers,37.

RamS asked,@raja or sumit.. u guys did not answer my previous question abt kimi.. comparing to alonso.?? :-)) do u guys agree..??
Sumit Rajwade answers,Can not compare. One has proved himself. The other people believe can prove himself. Tough choice. But as the things stand, Alonso is edge over.

Raja Sen says,alright guys. It's been a fabulous chat, and look forward to running into all of you again next monday after a crucial Spanish Grand Prix! Have a good week!

Merve asked,Who do you think will be faster at the Barcelona?
Sumit Rajwade answers,Looking at the track and the record, I think I can see Schumi, Alonso and Montoya in top 4 positions and 4th might be Kimi or Button

abhi asked,hey prince & sumit it's like why people like senna over prost same is the case with kimi over alonso after all racing is all about sheer pace
Sumit Rajwade answers,Yeah ... or the way you enjoy Brazil play over Germany in Football.

RamS asked,raja & sumit.. great to listen to all this.. been following f1 since 90.. a die hard fan.. esp of scuderia.. and schumi.. still am amazed at the technical nuances in this sport.. would love to chat up with u guys again.. over a more than a cup of tea.. hope to see u guys again.. after the next one..
Sumit Rajwade answers,Sure! We will be here on Monday post Barcelona :-) We love chatting with you guys as well.

Raikko asked,i pray to Lord Mercedes.. :p...plz..plz..plz..give kimi an engine that'd run as quick and with reliability.. :p
Sumit Rajwade answers,He he ... Pray for a engine which does not have a heating issue or can stand Kimi's heat :-)

Prince asked,Raikkonen doesn't THINK while he drives!! But he is fast. Possibly too fast, my opinion is that he pushes his car too hard. Where Alonso, Schumacher or button will take it easy when somethings not right on the car, Kimi still flies. Do you remember last year when his wheel came off? He 'flat-spotted' a front tyre causing vibrations that proved terminal, but instead of easing off, he pushed harder and harder until he crashed.
Sumit Rajwade answers,Tell me where did he let anyone crash this season? He is a grown up driver now.

gitu asked,@ Sumit and @ Raja sen Had any of u ppl gone to the sepang f1 GP or any other for tht matter.. .heard there were a bunch from bangalore and bombay ...
Sumit Rajwade answers,We plan to cover atleast 1 match live this season. We are looking forward to it.

Raikko asked,@ sumit >> the new merc engine spec says that the thermal limitations can be stretched...but as soon as doing that...JPM's engine let go...wat do u think abt that??
Sumit Rajwade answers,Well Can Be Stretched -- not can go smooth in high thermal. Imagine a car 0.5 sec ahead of you for 20 laps, wat will happen to the engine.

Raikko asked,@ sumit ..but again..mclaren are not complaining abt pace..are they? they are complaining of handling and car engine is not a big issue over here..but sure is, to get them onto the podium...
Sumit Rajwade answers,You increase the speed, it will heat up, you better the thermal , the car is slow. Make a devil's choice

philip asked,Well i guess its gonna be a fight to the finish this season, alonso and my take is that raikonnen will definitely come back strong. Ferrari clearly have the momentum now going into the rest of the european circuits.The car has vastly improved at the corners and looks a lot lighter and faster.
Sumit Rajwade answers,Yeah .. last 2 races have increased the expectations. Lets wait and watch. Al right everyone. It was a pleasure talking to you. Enjoy your weeks ahead and stay tuned for the Barcelona race. After all its to see if MS beats Alonso at his home. Take care and have a great day! Sumit signing off!

Chat transcript of San Marino GP: 'Will Schumi go to Renault?'
Chat transcript of Australian GP: 'Kimi should leave McLaren'

Formula One: The Complete Coverage

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Sub: F1

grab any one championship from renault.atleast that will be the consulation for ferrari,if lucky as alonso was in previous race.Ferrari may get both then schumacer ...

Posted by iftekhar

Sub: Its all Alonso

Alonso has very real chance to win the title than Michael Schumacher.. Might be constructor's title to Ferrari ...

Posted by Mahesh

Sub: Schumi is GOD

What Alonso achieved last year was good,but you cannot possibly compare him to the God of F1,that is Schumacher.If Ferrari were strong last year as ...

Posted by Akshay

Sub: Schumi Catching Alonso to prove he is the best

well i don't think so this should happen as he has been a great performer the whole season, In this Massa, has to be trump ...

Posted by Navin



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