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Anna Kournikova rules the world of tennis - off the court.

The 22 year-old blonde Russian, who earns about $15 million a year in endorsements, is more famous for her off-court activities, which include multimillion-dollar modelling assignments and celebrity boyfriends.

Tennis legend Chris Evert believes the gorgeous young woman is very good for tennis, while Billie Jean King thinks Kournikova is the real thing. "She loves the limelight and loves the show courts. She's having a good time out here and is poised for the big time," says King.

Yet to win a singles title on the circuit, Kournikova has captured the imagination of millions of male fans salivating at her drop-dead good looks and personality.

Currently in India endorsing the Amby Valley project at Sahara Lake City near Pune, Anna is the focus of the nation's youth.

Anna is a photographer's delight. We have chosen eight of her best pictures to date. Look through them and rank them in your order of preference.

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