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 March 16, 2002 | 1745 IST

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Japan to ban flights over World Cup venues

The Japanese government is set to ban flights near World Cup stadiums during the tournament later this year, transport ministry sources said on Saturday.

Co-hosts South Korea announced in December that the country would impose no-fly zones over World Cup venues in response to the September 11 attacks on the U.S.

The Japanese government could make a formal decision on eliminating air traffic over their 10 stadiums as early as next week after talks between the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry and the National Police Agency, the sources said.

The restriction on flights would begin before a match as spectators enter the stadium until after the venue has emptied.

Helicopter flights and small planes chartered by media or for private use could also be banned along with commercial airliners.

Japanese police officials are planning to increase security around airports to prevent unauthorised aircraft from flying in the direction of World Cup venues.

Helicopter surveillance of World Cup matches will be carried out in Japan, but the police have yet to announce what measures they would take if suspicious aircraft approached the stadiums during tournament.

The first Asian World Cup kicks off in Seoul on May 31.

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