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Authors React:
- Arundathi Roy
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  infinite justice

- Amitav Ghosh on
  the aftermath

- Shashi Tharoor's
  optimistic outlook for
  the 21st century

War Clouds Graphics:
The Afghan Offensive

Osama's Complex Web

US Forces in the Gulf

Global Map of Biological Weapons

Attack Cartoons

The Future of War

Manhattan Damage Map

US Special Operations Group

The Military Response

America's Air Power

Map of Afghanistan and military installations

US Military in the 21st Century

Site Tours:
Fear of Flying


View from Space

20th Century Wars

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Terrorism spawns new games

Can Carnivore track terrorists?

Are there two Osamas?

Telling the world before the telly

Searching for Nostradamus

More Features...

I crucified people: Taleban bodyguard
After brutally torturing people for three years, a member of the Taleban secret
police bares all.

The President dials a coalition
Bush's overseas phone calls since September 11 (PDF download).

Protection money funds terror operations
Oil companies in South America and Middle Eastern airlines are paying to protect their business from being damaged, according to Forbes Global magazine.

It's a man thing
Why the young men in Osama bin Laden's group are so scary.

Terrorists may be plotting in Asia
US Intelligence suggests that American tourists overseas, particularly in Asia could be a target of plots and assassinations.

'Hundi' system may foil investigators
US authorities look at the 'hundi' system of transferring money, a system that might have been used by the Al Qaeda and other terrorist networks.

Funding the 'heroes' of Islam
The Al Rasheed Trust based in Pakistan has been named by the Bush adminstration as one of the organisations funding terrorist activities. An inside look at its offices in Islamabad.

What went wrong
Seymour Hersh on the failure of American intelligence agencies.

CIA's covert Afghan mission
The intelligence agency has been seeking Osama for three years in Afghanistan.

Osama's family: On both sides of the terror war
The bin Ladens are on both sides of the terrorist war: building military bases and embassies and allegedly blowing them up, serving as advisers to the Saudi royal
family and attempting to topple it, living in palaces and hiding out in caves.

Roots of Rage
Grievances over US policy in the Middle East combined with Islamic triumphalism
make a toxic mix.

CNN: Video interview with Pervez Musharraf
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Saddam Hussein has germ warfare arsenal
A defecting Iraqi physicist has charged that the country is expanding its chemical and biological weapons arsenal.

Pak planning coup in Afghanistan
According to highly placed sources, Pakistan is trying to replace the Taleban by organising a coup that will kill or depose the leader Mullah Mohammed Omar.

SPOTLIGHT: Mohammed Zahir Shah

Once (and future?) Afghan king?
All eyes turn to the 86-year-old King Mohammad Zahir Shah, deposed in 1973. This weekend, Shah met with several commanders of the anti-Taleban groups to discuss
a two-year transition to democracy.

Afghanistan's turbulent history
A BBC special feature on the former king of Afghanistan.

The man who wants to be king again
An interview with the last king of Afghanistan, who ascended the throne at the age of 19 and was displaced from his position during a coup, while he was in Italy.

UN moots return of Afhan king
The United Nations and Washington discuss the possibility of reinstalling former Afghan king as the head of an interim government.

Radio message from His Majesty
A message broadcast by the deposed king over Azadi Afghan Radio in 1999, asking for the country to fight against the current tragic situation.


          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
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