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War Clouds: Graphics
Ravaged Ground
Laser Images of the WTC site

Osama's Complex Web
Al Qaeda, a network of over 20 terrorist groups

The Military Build-up
An overview of American forces in the Persian Gulf

The Future of War

Attack on America!

Manhattan Damage Map

US Special Operations Group

US Friends & Foes

Afghan Civil War

Who & Where is the Enemy?

The Military Response

America's Air Power

Map of Afghanistan and military installations

US Military in the 21st Century

Legacy of Terror

Afghanistan at a glance
Afghanistan Maps

Middle East Maps

Death Certificate Information

Site Tours/ Features:
Fear of Flying
How Sep 11 changed air travel: Six sites

A new global terror: Seven sites

Eye in the Sky
Aerial view of the WTC Attack: Five sites

Blood and Gore
Eleven wars that rocked our world

Where will you hide?
Can Carnivore hunt down the terrorists?

Are there two Osamas?
Everybody has a theory about the WTC Attack!

From the trenches
They told the world before the telly

In times of strife can the prophet of doom be far?

More Site Tours

More Features

How Stuff Works:
Nuclear Bombs
Cruise Missiles

Is the Iraqi hand for real?
Theories about the Iraqi connection in attacks on the US are sketchy. But some claim "The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."

When patriotism and dissent clash
In the wake of the attacks and a rising feeling of patriotism, a Bush aide warns the nation to 'watch what they say.'

Attack evidently planned overseas
Inevstigations have lead officials to believe that the attack was planned and financed entirely in Europe and the Middle East.

'I resemble Marwan Alshehhi -- the terrorist hijacker'
Akram Mena, mistaken for the World Trade Center terrorist called the FBI himself to report the striking similarity which has cost him his job and also made him a target of widespread backlash.

Diplomats seek to free reporters
A British journalist, Ms Yvonne Ridley who works with the Sunday Express is said to have been detained in Afghanistan, for allegedly entering the country illegally. Britain seeks clarification.

Special Operations Forces
America's New War is expected to be fought by the military's special operations comprising the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Marine Expeditionary Units, Delta Force and Air Force Special Operations Forces.

Poor people left without welfare benefits
Crucials links to the state computers that manage welfare have left thousands of poor people in New York City without normal access to food and medical resources. [Free registration required].

FBI detains Rahul Gandhi; released after embassy intervention
The FBI detained the son of the late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, in Boston airport for about an hour for questioning. He was later allowed to proceed after the intervention of the US Ambassador to the US, Man Singh.

Taleban continues defiance
While the UN Security Council demands freeze of all terrorist funds, the Taleban refuse to hand over Osama bin Laden.

Twin Towers viewed from a Western Minaret
Michael Wolfe who converted to Islam, reacts to the tragedy as a muslim, an American and a Muslim American.

A New York state of mind
The people of New York try to come to terms with life after the terrorist attack.

Pakistanis buy into conspiracy theories
To most people in this country, there seems to be no reason to implicate bin Laden or any other Muslim in this crime, according to this report.

Letter from Afghanistan
Last year, William Vollmann travelled through a devastated Afghanistan to find out more about the country's religiously inspired leaders. A first hand account.

Islam - after the attacks
A collection of links on Islam and the effects of the tragedy on this religion.

Defining the terrorists
Charting the careers of some of Bin Laden's converts and co-conspirators, an insight into Al-Qaeda's inner workings

The Afghan War: Tactical Options for US
The last instalment of a five part series on military and tactical options before the US in its attack on Afghanistan.

Officials: Manhunt has thwarted 2 attacks
Official said about two dozen arrests have been made across Europe of people suspected of being involved in the planning of those attacks.

Instant Messages To Israel Warned Of WTC Attack
A senior official at Odigo, an instant messaging firm, confirmed that employees in their office in Israel received a warning from another Odigo user, about two hours prior to the attack.

No regrets about developing PGP
Philip Zimmermann clarifies that while he is sad at the human tragedy, he has no regrets about developing PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), the technology allegedly used to scramble messages and now under investigation by US authorities.

Emergency Building Escape Parachute System
Following the September 11 tragedy, a parachute system that will help high-rise tenants escape in event of a fire or earthquake.

The Afghan War: Tactical Options for US
Fourth part of a five part series on military and tactical options before the US in its attack on Afghanistan.

Pills to help cope with terror
Many people are turning to medication in New York in an effort to escape their nightmares.

Where does the US Intelligence go from here?
Was the recent September 11 tragedy a failure on the part of Intelligence agencies and are they really to blame? An article that tackles the issue indepth.

When the FBI guys come knocking…
Riad Z. Abdelkarim, a physician, born and brought up in the United States, and an active member of the American-Muslim community narrates his 75-minute ordeal with two FBI agents.


          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
- Tips for good results
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