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War Clouds: Graphics
Ravaged Ground
Laser Imaging of the World Trade Center

Osama's Complex Web
Al Qaeda, a network of over 20 terrorist groups.

The Military Build-up
An overview of American forces in the Persian Gulf

Attack on America!

Manhattan Damage Map

US Special Operations Group

US Friends & Foes

Afghan Civil War

Who & Where is the Enemy?

The Military Response

America's Air Power

Map of Afghanistan and military installations

US Military in the 21st Century

Legacy of Terror

Afghanistan at a glance
Afghanistan Maps

Middle East Maps

Death Certificate Information

Site Tours:
Fear of Flying
How Sep 11 changed air travel: Six sites

A new global terror: Seven sites

Eye in the Sky
Aerial view of the WTC Attack: Five sites

Blood and Gore
Eleven wars that rocked our world

Sympathy Ecards
Six sites to show your compassion

How safe are we?
7 sites on International Defence Issues

Coping and helping
Nine sites to reach out

Graphics and Images
Visit top 10 sites

The Reign of Terror
9 militant organisations

History Revisited
Dark acts from the past

How Stuff Works:
Nuclear Bombs
Cruise Missiles

Inside Al Qaeda
Following the World Trade Center attack, Osama bin Laden's plan is now to free the jailed Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, imprisoned in connection with the 1993 bombing of the same buildings, according to a former member of the terrorist organisation.

Is the Al Qaeda capable of waging a chemical or biological war?
US Intelligence assesses the capabilities of the terrorist network to conduct even a crude attack with chemical or biological agents.

Aghans feed on grass and weeds in the wake of famine
More than four years of drought and 20 years of war have brought many Afghans from impoverished provinces of the state close to breaking point.

Fighter Jets Escort 767 Back to L.A.
An unidentified man who threatened Americans on board an Air Canada jet and smoked in the bathroom, was handed over to the FBI along with his woman companion.

Musicians are paying the price
Pop songs are replaced with chants of the Koranic verses, while the police are wreaking their violence against musical instruments and musicians in a country ruled by the Taleban who believe that music is wrong.

'Training camp' videos seized by Spanish police
A series of raids on a network of Islamic radicals in Europe have unearthed videos of 'training camps' that should establish a link between the six Algerians arrested this week, and Osama bin Laden.

Attackers had 'Cookbook' for terror
A terrorist training manual, allegedly distributed by Osama bin Laden, and found on a computer disk in England two years ago, might have helped the terrorists avoid detection and identify targets in the US.

Taleban Leader Says U.S. Cannot Defeat His Movement
Mullah Mohammad Omar, leader of the Taleban, says that the US will not be able to defeat their movement.

How the plotters slipped US net
Emails and satellite conversations are being now uncovered by the US Intelligence. A report on how these activities of the alleged terrorists and Osama bin Laden went undetected so far.

Onset of winter will be harsh on Afghan operations
The weather conditions in Afghanistan may limit the activities of both the US military and the Taliban regime, with the commencement of winter.

Bin Laden's Brains Trust
A few trusted men lead bin Laden's sprawling network.

The Afghan War: Tactical Options for US
Third part of a five part series on military and tactical options before the US in its attack on Afghanistan.

Rushdie was given air travel ban a week before attacks
Salman Rushdie told The Times that he was banned from taking internal flights in the US and Canada on September 3.

Osama in Aurangabad for last 50 years
A special executive magistrate has been issuing fake certificates in the name of Osama bin Laden, stating he has been a resident of this city.

Was there a plot to kill Bush in Genoa?
The President of Egypt and deputy PM of Italy say bin Laden's network had threatened to kill the US President and other leaders at a summit meeting last July. [Requires free registration].

The Afghan War: Tactical Options for US
Two-parts of a five part series on military and tactical options before the US in its attack on Afghanistan.

New proposal turns hackers into terrorists
Hackers face life imprisonment under 'Anti-Terrorism' Act.

Assassins and drug dealers now helping the US
A report that essays the role of Pakistan's intelligence service, ISI, mainly associated with narcotics, assassinations and smuggling of arms, as the source of information for the US alliance against the Taleban.

MS ad shows toppling towers
Microsoft UK runs an ad showing two rectangular buildings toppling which was later pulled out.

The Al Qaeda Leadership
The men who make up the majlis al shura (consultation council), which must approve all terrrorist attacks and fatwas.

Horror in Afghanistan
The threat of war is making a hungry, violent and miserable country even worse. What can be done?

Echoes of Khmer Rouge
A comparison between the Afghani Taliban and the movement that laid Cambodia low in 1975.

Preparing for War
Time Magazine's cover story on how the US is preparing for its strike on Afghanistan.

Fight America, or else...!
The Taleban hordes are dragging young men out of their homes in a harrowing conscription drive.

Bin Laden's bioterrorism Lab
Images of Abu Khabab, which is focused on development and training with chemicals, poisons and other toxins. It is part of a complex of training sites known as Darunta.

America's scary new best friends
The Northern Alliance may be the enemy of the enemy -- the Taliban -- but it has its own grim history of violence and abuse of power.

Cheap Afghan heroin may flood markets
Afghan farmers are ready to swamp world markets with heroin amid signs that the Taleban has dropped its ban on opium growing.

Mock Horror
A mock preparedness drill reveals the extent of damage a biological attack could cause.

Laden asks Pakistanis to defend Afghans
``We incite our Muslim brothers in Pakistan to deter with all their capabilities the American crusaders from invading Pakistan and Afghanistan,'' Qatar's al-Jazeera television reported bin Laden as saying in a statement dated September 23.


          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
- Tips for good results
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