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Terror in America

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War Clouds: Graphics
Osama's Complex Web
Al-Qaeda, a network of over 20 terrorist groups.

The Military Build-up
An overview of American forces in the Persian Gulf

US Special Operations Group

US Friends & Foes

Afghan Civil War

Who & Where is the Enemy?

The Military Response

America's Air Power

Map of Afghanistan and military installations

US Military in the 21st Century

Legacy of Terror

Afghanistan at a glance
Afghanistan Maps

Middle East Maps

Site Tours:
Blood and Gore
11 wars that rocked our world

Sympathy Ecards
Six sites to show your compassion

How safe are we?
7 sites on International Defence Issues

Coping and helping
Nine sites to reach out

Graphics and Images
Visit top 10 sites

The Reign of Terror
9 militant organisations

History Revisited
Dark acts from the past

Hot Lines:
United Airlines
American Airlines
NY Red Cross
Disaster Message Service
Check-in Registry
Relief & Rescue Map
Disaster Relief
Airline Information

Locate Survivors:
Public Postings
The 'I am Okay' BBS
Help Line Chat
Safe Milennium
Disaster information

More Information:
US Attacks
Osama Bin Laden

World Trade Center:
Site and floor plans
History, official accounts
List of Occupants of WTC Tower One
List of Occupants of WTC Tower Two

Related Links:
Internet Remembrance Campaign
Research Buzz
Alternative Coverage

US could target Iraq too
Top White House officials Sunday would not rule out the possibility that Iraq might also be subject to U.S. military action in the campaign against terrorism.

Egyptian surgeon is Laden's No 2
Ayman al-Zawahiri, 50, was the leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the terrorist group blamed for the 1981 assassination of President Anwar el-Sadat.

At the heart of Al Qaeda lies a destructive devotion
The Al Qaeda depicted in the 76-day US Embassy bombing trial is capable of relentless, selfless efficiency and, at the same time, amateurish dysfunction.

US measures may incite domestic terror
As the US concentrates of fighting terrorism outside the country, it might face increased attacks from within.

Ground Zero, the day after
A pilgrimage to the "ash-covered canyon" that was once the World Trade Center.

US warns of possible attack this week
The United States has warned its allies of a possible second round of attacks by the end of this week following the deadly strikes on New York and Washington.

Site of the Day: The Peacemakers Speak
Nobel Peace Laureates share their insights and thoughts about the terror strikes on America.

Benazir Bhutto on Sept 11, Pakistan and War
The United States must demand a democratic Pakistan to stave off a true catastrophe in the future, says the former Pak PM.

Who's Who in the Terror War
A map showing the key players and how they are aligned.

Covert mission to capture or kill Osama
US Special Operations Forces have begun moving into countries bordering Afghanistan.

The Making of a Terrorist
Rage was born in Egypt, nurtured in Germany and inflicted on the US.

High-level studies warned of threat
A 1999 Pentagon report prepared by defense employees titled "Transforming Defense: National Security in the 21st Century", warned of a likely terrorist attack and stressed on the need to beef up homeland security.

Rumours of War
This site which will help you separate the true from the false.

Israeli Intelligence suspects Iraqi hand
Aman, the Israeli military intelligence, suspects that Iraq is behind the attacks in the US.
Meanwhile, Iraq denies role in US attacks.

Bracing for mayhem
Thousands of Afghans are fleeing the country amid fears of US strikes

Tower collapse caused seismic shock
The devastating impacts on the twin towers of the World Trade Center and their subsequent collapse shook the ground with the force of a small earthquake.

Radio station pulls out songs
Clear Channel, a company that owns about 1,170 radio stations in the US, has circulated a list of 150 songs and asked its stations to avoid playing them because of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But this site has a different story to tell

Taleban leader goes into hiding

World map showing casualties by country

A chilling voice from Flight 11
A telephone call from a flight attendant details for the first time the frantic struggle as hijackers slit the throat of a passenger and stormed the cockpit.

The Taliban Special
Introduction, timeline, profiles, alliances, related stories and more.

Iraqi links being probed
Hijacker Mohammed Atta may have met an Iraqi intelligence officer.
The investigators are also looking at the possibility that more than four
airliners were to have been hijacked.

Osama dislodges Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson
The real world's most wanted man is the virtual world's most searched keyword. Displacing sex, MP3s, jokes and Britney Spears.

Bin Laden's financial network
Ostrich raising in Kenya. Forestry interests in Turkey. Diamond trading in Africa.
Bridge construction in Sudan. Agricultural holdings in Tajikistan.

Are you enlisting for war?
While college students who passionately support the U.S. war on terrorism aren't
sure they want to die in it, senior citizens sign up to hunt for bin Laden at the
Manhattan Recruiting Center.

Where once the towers stood
A remarkable picture from space of the devastation

An Afghan-American Speaks

Limbs of no body
An Iranian filmmaker talks about Afghanistan few people know
-- or even care about.

Bin Laden's Radical Form of Islam
Most muslims' interpretations of the Koran don't condone terrorist violence

Palm responds to terrorist tragedy
A few swift Palm developers have already created and published free downloads
related to last week's terrorist tragedy.

What the US troops are up against
Soviet vets warn: Afghanistan is like nothing you have seen before .

Laura Bush, Comforter In Chief
She has used network television to advise parents and reassure
children. She has visited attack victims and mourned with stricken families.
Often, she walks hand in hand with her husband,
the only public testament to her private role

What future war looks like
A renowned author of books on terrorism speculates
on what the first war of the 21st century may look like.

The Web has a heart
Online donations exceed $ 57 million.


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