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"Osama lived here, and hides nearby"
Reporters tour compound near Jalalabad, where Osama came back at least once after the terrorist attacks, local commander says. Villagers say he is in town of Tora Bora.

Remembered kindness from a journey through Afghanistan
Years ago, a young man took the Magic Bus across Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and the Balkans. These are his reminiscences of Afghanistan.

Counting US Muslims proves hard
After September 11, a dispute over numbers turns ugly.

Osama's private life revealed amid rubble
Since the retreat of their Taleban protectors a fortnight ago, fascinating relics of Al Qaeda's network have been discovered in their former camp and hideout. There are items here that tell a more personal story of the private lives of the Al Qaeda family.

Pope is Osama's Christmas target: Ex-CIA chief
The Vatican's security advisor believes the Pope is the prime target of Osama bin Laden. The former CIA anti-terrorism chief says he fears a Christmas assassination attempt.

Probe finds hijackers entered US legally
The Justice Department yesterday released updated information on the immigration status of the 19 hijackers who attacked America September 11, showing that all had legally entered the country on tourist or student visas.

Death penalty stops Spain extraditing suspects
Spain cannot extradite suspected Islamic extremists to the United States while the death penalty is in force there, judicial sources said on Thursday.

Osama's chilling recruitment video
Few Westerners have seen Osama bin Laden's recruitment video in full. So what did Julia Magnet, a young Jewish New Yorker, make of it?

What attracts the Arab world to Osama?
For Americans, Osama bin Laden is a mass murderer. But for many young Arabs, bin Laden, even in defeat, is still Robin Hood.

Anarchy in warlord territory
Armed warlords operating in the hills of eastern Afghanistan have begun ambushing and looting cars and buses as large areas of the country slide back into anarchy.

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