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UN plans Afghan talks in Berlin
Diplomats and representatives of Afghanistan inside and outside the war-torn country may take the first steps toward establishing a new government -- starting with a meeting that the United Nations hopes will take place November 24 in Berlin.

Taliban abandon surrender after 'prophetic dream'
The Taliban have abandoned plans to surrender their spiritual heartland in Kandahar because of a prophetic dream Mullah Mohammed Omar had.

MTV taking US message to Arab world
The architects of the government's post-September 11 propaganda war may well want their MTV on the frontlines in the Arab world, Variety reports.

US will take no prisoners
No negotiations on safe passage to a third country for Al Qaeda mercenaries trapped in Konduz.

9/11: The Psychological Aftermath
Anxiety is on the rise and experts estimate that 100,000 people in New York alone are at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Senior Taleban official switches sides
A close associate of Taleban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar is now officially siding with ethnic Pashtun tribesmen in Kandahar.

Troop deployment causes rift with US
Plans to station Western troops in Afghanistan have created a rift between America and Britain and are threatening to cause a new conflict with the Northern Alliance.

Taleban prepare for last stand
Anxiety and tension swirl through Taleban ranks as they wait for attack.

Pentagon builds case to bomb Iraq
Defense Department strategists are building a case for a massive bombing of Iraq as a new phase of President Bush's war against terrorism, congressional and Pentagon sources say.

Secret CIA units waging hidden war in Afghanistan
The CIA is mounting a hidden war in Afghanistan with secret paramilitary units on the ground and Predator surveillance drones in the sky that last week provided key intelligence for concentrated US airstrikes on Al Qaeda leaders, according to well-placed sources.

Taleban Anthrax factory discovered
The factory, discovered by The Mirror, UK, was officially set up for the production of vaccines for cattle using wild anthrax bacteria.

Taleban abandon Osama
Osama Bin Laden, who is travelling with his three wives, children, bodyguards and advisers, is thought to be moving in a convoy of Jeeps from one bunker to another.

Ex-Taleban envision role in new Afghanistan
As Taleban authority crumbles, both foes and followers of the radical Islamic movement are competing for power and territory.

Carpet bombing 'kills 150 civilians' on frontline
A catastrophic error by carpet-bombing US Air Force warplanes was blamed yesterday for the deaths of about 150 unarmed Afghan civilians in a densely populated frontline town caught up in the battle for the Taliban redoubt of Kunduz.

The inside story of the Taleban rout
The secret US and British plans that led to last week's astonishing military campaign.

The hunt for Osama Bin Laden
Time Magazine and Newsweek take you inside the hunt for the world's most wanted man.

Alliance to give way on peace talks
Leadership concedes it cannot dictate political future of Afghanistan.

The Great Game over oil and gas
The collapse of Afghanistan's Taleban regime opens a new chapter in the "Great Game" of Central Asia, with Pakistan, Russia and Iran jockeying furiously for influence in their mutual neighbour.

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