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'Al Qaeda nukes may have reached US'
Pakistani and American investigators believe that Al Qaeda may have successfully transported several nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons of mass destruction to the United States. And that terrorists may strike again in New York on the occasion of United Nations General Assembly session.

Terrorists courted nuclear scientists
At least 10 of Pakistan's top nuclear scientists were contacted by representatives of the Taleban and Al Qaeda seeking their help to build a nuclear weapons program inside Afghanistan, senior US and Pakistani officials said.

So what if Mohammed Atta was gay?
What, after all, should it matter if Atta were gay? The fear is that such a line of inquiry seeks to establish, willfully or not, that murderous homosexuals -- perhaps an entire network of them -- are behind the terrorist attacks, bringing back painful memories of sensational media stories that have time and again equated gay with evil

The Truth about Northern Alliance
There are concerns that the West's allies are as bloodthirsty as the Taleban - and as dangerous to Afghanistan's future.

US does campus checks on Mideast students
In the two months since the attacks, federal investigators have contacted administrators on more than 200 college campuses to collect information about students from Middle Eastern countries, the most sweeping canvass of the halls of academia since the cold war, the colleges say.

Osama's Chief Financial Officer
Federal officials suspect that Saudi businessman Mustafa Ahmed of being the financial conduit for the hijackers in the September 11 attacks.

Solving crime to countering terrorists, FBI reshapes mission
After decades of pursuing gangsters and drug kingpins, the FBI is rushing to remake itself as the nation's primary line of defense against terrorism, a seismic shift for an agency that historically has not adjusted easily to change.

Anti-globalisation buffeted by winds of change
In an era of suicide hijackings, war and anthrax-in-the-mail, the anti-globalisation leaders are finding it difficult to generate much indignation about problems like sweatshop wages or food impurity.

The Return of New York
A special issue from The New York Times magazine on how the city is coming back into its own after the attacks.

Hypocrisy, hatred and the war on terror
'If the US attacks were an assault on "civilisation", why shouldn't Muslims regard the Afganistan attack as a war on Islam?'

My Crush on Musharraf
While the rest of the world sees many furious turban-wearing fundamentalists burning Musharraf effigies in the streets, a section of the Pakistan population finds him confident, charismatic and worth a pin-up.

The Afghan Way of War
As a rebel offensive sends the Taliban running, Time's Romesh Ratnesar looks at how both sides fight to the death.

'It's not a war. It's an action against terrorist'
Pakistan's president on the price of his cooperation and the Taliban's future.

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