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Support for war ebbs worldwide
In polls worldwide, many remain sympathetic to the US, but find bombing hard to justify.

Passenger carried 7 knives and stun gun
A man carrying seven knives, a stun gun and a tear-gas canister passed through a checkpoint at one of America's busiest airports.

Does Osama have the N-bomb?
US President George Bush says the nuclear threat is real. A sting operation in Istanbul yields a kilogram of uranium sourced from a former Soviet republic. And Osama is in the market for a Nuclear bomb.

Russian scientist warns of smallpox terror risk
The Russian scientist in charge of one of the last known deposits of the smallpox virus called yesterday for the reintroduction of mass vaccination, saying terrorists could easily lure underpaid former Soviet researchers to turn it into a weapon.

Pakistan hunts for terror suspect
Pakistan authorities have launched a nationwide hunt for a key suspect in the September 11 terrorist attacks.The German national apparently entered the country from Afghanistan, and is believed to be in Karachi.

Fortress America
What do tighter US borders meant for everyone from tourists to tech workers.

Massoud's Assassins Had Much Wider Goal
Suicide bombers were thwarted in plan to target full Northern Alliance leadership.

Ground War Strategies: Part 1
There is, at the root of American ground strategy in Afghanistan, a logical inconsistency that must either be reconciled or overcome by sheer power. A look at the goals of each side in the next phase of war.

Taleban counter-attack injured 12 elite US soldiers'
What happened when the Special Forces landed in Afghanistan? Seymour Hersh reports on the escape and evasion over the ground war.

Bloody pages of a killing manual
Filling 11 volumes and circulated both in book form and on CD-Rom to terrorist instructors, the Encyclopaedia of Jehad offers guidance on how to inject frozen food with biochemical agents to create mass panic, rig up a door lock to explode when the handle is turned, and bring down a plane with a missile.

Listening for Islam's silent majority
As Osama bin Laden calls for a jihad, and militants rally, where are the moderate Muslims?

Finding Osama in the Spirit World
In Pakistan, an old man says he knows how to locate bin Laden

Rabbani 'gave passports' to Al Qaeda fighters
Hundreds of Arab extremists thought to be fighting alongside Osama bin Laden were given citizenship by the former Afghan government, whose leaders are now allies of America, according to documents provided by the Taliban on Saturday.

The indispensable ally grows more confident
After nervous start in mid-September, when he took the gamble of switching Pakistan's allegiance to the United States, General Musharraf has seemed to grow in confidence, to the point where he plans to leave Pakistan this week for the first time since the start of the war.

Flaws in Northern Alliance armour
The anti-Taleban army facing its enemy on the critical front north of Kabul, known to the rest of the world as the Northern Alliance, likes to call itself the United Front. But it is becoming increasingly clear that there are, in fact, two anti-Taleban armies.

The Ames strain of anthrax
How a sick cow in Iowa may have helped to create a lethal bioweapon.

Taleban was ready to hand over Osama in 1998
The Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar agreed three years ago to hand over Osama bin Laden, but changed his mind after US cruise missile attacks, the former head of Saudi Arabian intelligence said yesterday.

What next for World Trade Center?
Rarely have so many had so much invested in the shape and outcome of an architectural project.

Generation 9/11
Kids who grew up with peace and prosperity are facing their defining moment. A Newsweek cover story.

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