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US special unit 'plans to steal Pak atomic warheads'
An elite American military unit is preparing for possible incursion into Pakistan in order to steal its nuclear weapons arsenal.

20,000 refugees wait at America's door
As many as 20,000 refugees from across the world, cleared to come to the United States to escape persecution in their homelands, have had their arrival delayed indefinitely in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks.

Surrounded by Taleban, slain rebel leader made desperate plea
"I am cut off on a steep mountain road," said Abdul Haq, a former commander of Afghan rebel forces against the Soviets, on a satellite phone from outside Jalalabad to his nephew across the Khyber Pass in Pakistan. "There are Taliban ahead and Taliban behind. Can you do something?"

Nuclear security fears mushroom
Measures to keep weapons from terrorists found to be weak.

Did US miss a chance to get Osama diplomatically?
Over three years and on as many continents, US officials met in public and secret at least 20 times with Taleban representatives to discuss ways the regime could bring suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden to justice. Why didn't any of them succeed?

Why they can't find Osama
Despite their vast array of surveillance technology, the allies still cannot locate their principle target. A report on the intelligence gaps that keep Osama at large.

Attack on Iraq will be 'grave mistake'
In his first newspaper interview since September 11, Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, said Baghdad was aware of plans to strike 300 Iraqi targets with missiles.

Osama is a facilitator not a warrior
For a man of belligerent words, Osama bin Laden is no fighter, nor of course are the inhospitable caves and mountain retreats of Afghanistan his true home.

Osama's revolution has no future
Osama bin Laden is not a serious revolutionary; he is a poseur, a silly but lethal boy.

First US ground attack 'could have ended in disaster'
The much-hyped first American ground attack on Afghanistan ran into unexpectedly fierce resistance and almost ended in disaster, senior defence sources have disclosed.

Soap opera escape for Afghans
Amid war, wildly popular radio program heard by millions.

Culinary delights amid scars of war
Rebel commander Mohammed Daoud tucks into a feast and shares some food for thought.

Unsettling lessons from Anthrax Island
On a fern-covered Scottish island British scientists first harnessed the deadly power of anthrax, wiping out herds of sheep in one of the more obscure episodes of World War II. Sixty years later, people are rediscovering the unique history of the uninhabited Anthrax Island -- mostly from a distance.

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