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Terror in America

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Who was Mohammed Atta?
The man believed to have hijacked and crashed the first plane into the WTC
was polite, had a taste for black jeans, and a liking for Sharky's Billiards Bar.

Military alerted before attacks
But jets didn't have time to intercept hijackers, officers say.

Senate okays FBI net spying
And the controversial software, Carnivore, may be unleashed to spy on email.

Senate okays FBI net spying
And the controversial software, Carnivore, may be unleashed to spy on email.

Worry over screening of travellers by nationality
As attacks prompt calls for increased passenger
profiling, many worry about discrimination

A defining moment for Pakistan
The country is torn between religious sentiment and pragmatic politics in the aftermath of attacks

What exactly happened in the air on Sept 11
And on the ground, as the FAA brought the world to a stop.

MS to remove twin towers from game
Microsoft will remove depictions of the World Trade Center from future
versions of Flight Simulator, its popular computer game .

Terror attacks on Manhattan

Text of Fatwah Urging Jihad Against Americans

The Osama Identikit
What if Osama bin Laden went on the run to escape the US?
What would he look like in disguise?

Hacker defaces sites in WTC protest
A hacker known as "Fluffi Bunni" defaced potentially tens of thousands of
high-profile Web sites today, replacing their home pages with a rant about
religion, capitalism, and violence.

Spies or sattelites?
As the CIA and other security agencies struggle to explain one of the worst
intelligence failures in their history, many critics are blaming the
disaster on official faith in machines over men.

Pentagon damage: $100m
The weakened building is hampering teams' efforts to search for survivors.

Hackers split over vigilante strikes
Some want an all-out assault on perceived terrorist sites, while others are
pleading for calm.

Pentagon was helpless as it tracked deadly jet
During the hour or so that Flight 77 was under the control of hijackers, up
to the moment it struck the west side of the Pentagon, military officials in
a command center in the building were urgently talking to law enforcement
and air traffic control officials about what to do.

Journalists are people too!
As Journalists in and around ground zero feel
strain and sorrow, papers provide counseling.

After life long thrills, come the tears
Man who built tower broke down as planes crashed into WTC.


          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
- Tips for good results
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